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    Love Hate story 2023

    Once upon a time, there was a girl named Emily who had just started college. She was a bright and ambitious young woman, but she had never been in love before. That is, until she met Daniel. Daniel was charming, confident, and had a smile that could light up a room. Emily was smitten from the moment she laid eyes on him. They started dating and it wasn't long before they were inseparable. But as time went on, Emily began to notice some things about Daniel that bothered her. He was often late for their dates, and sometimes he would cancel at the last minute. He also seemed to have a wandering eye, checking out other girls even when Emily was right there beside him. Emily started to feel like she was second best, like Daniel wasn't really that into her. But whenever she tried to talk to him about it, he would charm her with his smile and she would forget all about her doubts. Things came to a head one night when Emily went to surprise Daniel at his apartment. She walked in to fin
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    I tested positive for COVID 19 | Will the pandemic end soon?

    Our eyes see and record every memory that goes on in life. A blog that writes short stories, motivation quotes, blogging tips, and positive vibes. The world is becoming insane. It gets increasingly violent, with wars, economic recessions, political power obsession, the deaths of innocent people, earthquakes, viruses, and disease. It may seem to be the end of the world, yet life carries on as long as the planet continues to rotate, and we are still breathing.  I told myself last year that I would publish a blog article every week to keep the momentum going. However, things have lately altered as a result of several important priorities. And, as I write my second blog entry of the year, I have a nightmare. Everyone has one or more things they want to avoid in their life, whether it's people or events. We've been fighting this virus together for two years. I didn't want to get infected with the coronavirus at all. This could happen to anybody, including me. I recently tested p

    5 Life Lesson you should practice on |

    Silence is my preference. Keep my lips shut and speak to no one. And I'll keep it all to myself. I do need some time to myself to heal. Toxics, a phoney, and a better version of myself, are all things I've worked hard to change. Adjustment, on the other hand,  must be progressive. Thank you,  Who has always been there to listen to my ridiculous self,  I appreciate and am thankful, God bless YOU. 5 Life Lessons you should practice on: Every day is a new opportunity to learn something new. In the entire life course, we'll rise and fall, but we'll always learn something new. While some of these lessons are learned via personal experience, others are learned by observing others or reading books. Regardless of how much we learn from books, there is a big gap between what we know in school and real life. The matter is that there are many lessons in life that can only be realised when we are confronted with particular circumstances. Most individuals would agree that specific s

    10 bucket lists for Christmas |

    Our eyes see and record every memory that goes on in life. A blog that writes short stories, motivation quotes, blogging tips, and positive vibes. Day by day passes, and eventually, month by month is coming through. And here we are today, looking at the beautiful month of the end of the year 2021. Well, it could be a lovable year for someone, and yet it could be a sad year for someone. But, we all have to go through it, isn't it? So, what am I going to write about today?  Is it a short story? Is it about the blog? Is it about the thing on what I see through the eyes? 2021 has been a rough year for all of us, and Christmas is a time of year when we can bring a little enchantment into our lives. Whatever occurs, I believe most of us just want to make it through the day. Today, I'm sharing with you 10 bucket lists to enjoy a fantastic Christmas at home. Perhaps, anything on this list can spark some ideas for you. 10 bucket lists for your Christmas ; With December upon Christmas an

    10 important life lesson that we can learn |

    Our eyes see and record every memory that goes on in life. A blog that writes short stories, motivation quotes, blogging tips, and positive vibes. Life is a never-ending learning process. Throughout our lives, we rise and fall, learning valuable lessons along the way. Some of these lessons are learned by experience, while others are learned through observation or reading in books. There is a considerable gap between practical and theoretical experience, no matter how much we learn from books. Furthermore, there are many life lessons that we cannot understand until we are confronted with particular events in our lives. Most people believe that certain lessons arrive too late, taking us off surprise and unaware. So, let's take a look at these 10 important life lessons that we can learn. 10 important life lessons that we can learn: 1) Walk your own path People like passing judgment on others. Societal pressure might cause you to wander from the route you've begun to construct for

    Albert Einstein: 10 Quotes [BEST] Life Lesson from Albert Einstein

    Albert Einstein is often considered as one of the twentieth century's most significant scientists. His work continues to aid astronomers in their investigations of issues ranging from gravitational waves to Mercury's orbit. Even people unfamiliar with the fundamental physics of special relativity are familiar with the scientist's equation that helped explain it — E = mc^2.  Einstein is also well-known for his general relativity theory (which explains gravity) and the photoelectric effect (which explains how electrons behave under particular conditions); his work on the latter won him the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics. He also made futile attempts to integrate all of the universe's forces into a single theory, or a theory of everything, which he was still working on at his death.  Despite all that, Einstein is a well-known scientist, and his legacies continue to this day; more new scientists are born and continue to further his discoveries, particularly in science and phys

    The Oak Garden Building | Short Story 2021

    As I gaze out my window at the sky while watching my children sleep,  the brisk winds remind me of a building that I once lived in,  wherein I saw, sensed, and were horrified,  an encounter with which I'm not comfortable speaking.  Fortunately, everything turned up okay. My name is Herman, but my friends called me Er, and the following is a story of what occurred to me 23 years ago. I have had a passion for writing since a kid. Now my guardian thinks I can go even farther. Consequently, they help me submit an authorship application and enrol in further linguistic, writing, and journalistic courses. Little did I realise that I'd be given a job to help me improve my abilities while simultaneously taking part-time writing courses to support my income. I was a young twenty-year-old at the time. Too young, yet inquisitive and willing to try new things. As a young author, the chance pushed me to go outside my comfort zone and acquire essential experience.  Pay attention to the sound