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The lies within you - Short stories 2021 (Part 1)

"Tell me more about yourself." Benedict. "You will get to know about me sooner. " Suzy. The first meeting Every Friday, we had a colleague's after-work meeting at a restaurant. At that time, Johnson, one of my best friends had no transport to going back to his house. So, he rode with me. On the way to his house, about 20 minutes from the restaurant, he talked to me about introducing me to someone, but I rejected it. But I guess he won't give up. The next morning, he came to my desk and show me the picture of a woman, a mutual friend of her wife. Honestly, she looked pretty, so I think I'm interested. I asked for her number. Instead, he gave me her Facebook. So, I tried to approach her through the messenger. But first, I check out her Facebook and noticed she really is a classy woman. Yup, she's my type. Luckily she accepted my request, so we were getting to know through Facebook messenger. We were having a chat for about a month, during that period

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