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What it feels like to continue a higher level of study? -

I never thought of continuing my study at a higher level, and I never expect that I made it through. Recently, I'd passed my Viva and soon will be graduated. I don't think I can make it through, but it turns out I made it. I am not bragging about how proud I am of myself, how good I am in the study and how I felt so good about myself. But, when I look back, the hardship, problems, and all of my emotions throughout years of studying, here are the real stories of what it feels like. I never had a great achievement in school. I don't know almost everything. I learn all from the below. I waste so much money. I am stressed. I am still learning. I always think there's a lot of things I missed. I was having no money and had to borrow some from my parents. We are not from a rich family, and I had to pay off my studies fee. When I decided to study at the age of 25, I was actually afraid of being compared. Compared based on who got married first, being compared b

Take Our hearts by M. Basilea Schlink

Dear Lord Jesus, Forgive us that You have to come knocking at the door of our hearts, pleading for our love. How often we have turned You away, leaving You outside in the cold. We confess with shame that we are often unready to receive You, preferring people and things, not appreciating the treasure we have in You. Yet You have laid down Your life for us, You love us more than words can tell. Show us what fills and stirs our hearts more than You do, keeping us from loving You first and foremost. Whatever it is, we want to bring it to You, firmly believing You will set us free for Yourself. You long for us to love You as Your bride. You long to dwell in hearts that have thrown out their idols, making room for You. You rejoice when we dedicate ourselves to You in this way, for then Your love can reign in us. So may we not be a source of disappointment to You any longer, but rather comfort and joy. Take our hearts, our wishes, and desires. Take all our time. We place everythi

Make Me All Yours by M. Basilea schlink

Dear Lord Jesus, How can I thank You for making me Your own, unworthy though I am? How can I thank You for choosing me to be Your bride? Let me be a true bride of Yours - absorbed by Your love, giving my all for love of You. In You alone do I see all that is beautiful in heaven and on earth. In You alone do I find rest for my soul? In You alone do I have everything I need. Make me all Yours. Make me receptive to Your love. Let me cling to You, leaning on Your strong arm. I will gladly be weak, powerless and helpless that You, my heavenly Bridegroom, might have the joy of pouring out Your riches upon me. Your bride I will willingly see myself for the sinner I am and take refuge in Your precious wounds, inflicted for me. Thank You for calling me to love You as Your bride. Make me a truly loving soul, surrendered completely to You and ready for every sacrifice out of love for You. Make me Your bride, who shares Your innermost heart and enters the fellowship of Your sufferings.

Called to love Jesus by M. Basilea Schlink

Beloved Lord Jesus, Thank You for making and saving me that I might love You. Thank You for granting me, sinner though I am, the privilege of loving You with all my heart out of thanksgiving for Your gracious forgiveness. Who is like You! I worship You, fairest of the sons of men. You are the most precious treasure of heaven and earth, the bright sun of my life, the joy of my heart. Teach me to love You as You are worthy of being loved, having laid down Your life out of love for me. Nourish the spark of love in my heart with the flame of Your love, for You first loved me. Thank You that in Your love You want to give me the most precious gift of all. An intimate, fervent love, so that I might return Your love. Thank You for this most wonderful of callings, to love You as my Lord and heavenly Bridegroom with all my heart and with all my strength. Thank You for making me completely happy and giving my life purpose. For love of You, Lord Jesus, I want to share Your path.

Thanksgiving for His love by M. Basilea Schlink

Beloved Lord Jesus, Thank You for the privilege of loving You, because You first loved us. How blessed we are! We know that many look for love and happiness without finding it. But in You, we have the fullness of joy because You are the very essence of joy. And we may drink from the spring of Your love.  Surrounded by Your love, dear Lord, we are never alone. We are privileged to do everything with You, always at Your side, living for the moment when we will be united with You above forever. How can we ever thank You enough for revealing Yourself to us human beings as Bridegroom, even though You are King of Kings, Lord of all the earth, Lord of the hosts of heaven!  Your choice fell upon us sinners, to whom You have drawn near in love. We thank You for pledging Yourself to us, making Yourself known to us as Bridegroom, loving us beyond telling, always being there for us.  All that is Yours is now ours too. Who can fathom such blessings? Lord, we worship You.                    

Lesson to learn - Hard process, but you can make it

A month ago, I had a reunion with my alumni from the college. They are my friends, and we had a little conversation about our job, our status, our future, and some other stuff. We had a drink in a small cafe that only consists of few people. And there are fives of us, some of my friends can't make it because they were all busy with their own commitment.  So, we talked about our life; it was awkward because they all had their own way of living. And if I had to rank on our progress, I'd be the lowest among them. Honestly, I was so immersed in their stories, how much hard work they put into their dream. Some of them were having a hard life, but they able to go through that process.  To compare their stories with my life and how far they went is something that I can not imagine. For a moment, I felt that my life sucked, and I was far behind everyone. But the truth is, some people had a hard time but never complained about it but still can make it. Read also: Why you should

Lesson to learn - When problem hits you, keep moving fowards

We live in a world full of trials and hardships, some survive, and some give up. If you look at this world, it is a painful place to stay, but if you change your perspective towards this world, that misery makes you mature. Note that we are going through the same phase of life but a different situation. I always kept in mind that God will never put us in situations where we can't control them. And if there's a condition we can't make it through by ourselves, a companion appeared.  However, this is not about a companion, family issues, or problem-related to the world. This post is about a process that was going on in our life. All of the hardships and trials and eventually still learning to handle it. Therefore, if anyone out there felt like they were going in an unstable state throughout their life, if someone can make it through, you can make it too. Read also: Living with depression - breakthrough and lives . All of my life, I never met someone with any problem a

When is the right time for marriage? -

Had someone ever asked your friends or your the one who asked, when are they getting married?   Or have anyone ever ask you when you are getting married?   Photo by Shamia Casiano When you were asked about planning on getting married by your friends or family, do you feel like you had to take fast action to get married or just feeling annoyed?  When is the right time to get married? Getting married is not about just being with our partner; it was more than that. You build a commitment, build a family, build trust, and build each other. To answer a specific question about when is the right time to get married depends on yourself. Don't get married because someone else asks you to married faster Don't get married if you still not being able to take care of yourself Don't get married if your foundation (money) is still lacking Don't get married because your friend told you so Don't get married because you want to follow the trend Get married when you are trul