Make Me All Yours

Dear Lord Jesus,

How can I thank You for making me Your own, unworthy though I am? How can I thank You for choosing me to be Your bride?

Let me be a true bride of Yours - absorbed by Your love, giving my all for love of You. In You alone do I see all that is beautiful in heaven and on earth. In You alone do I find rest for my soul? In You alone do I have everything I need.

Make me all Yours. Make me receptive to Your love. Let me cling to You, leaning on Your strong arm. I will gladly be weak, powerless and helpless that You, my heavenly Bridegroom, might have the joy of pouring out Your riches upon me. Your bride I will willingly see myself for the sinner I am and take refuge in Your precious wounds, inflicted for me.

Thank You for calling me to love You as Your bride. Make me a truly loving soul, surrendered completely to You and ready for every sacrifice out of love for You. Make me Your bride, who shares Your innermost heart and enters the fellowship of Your sufferings.

Graciously hear my prayer. 


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