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Singkug Hill , Kota Belud Sabah | Lisa Maurie

It's a holiday, so this time, I planned to go hiking. There is a lot of eco-tourism (Hiking) spots in Kota Belud; trust me on that. So, this time we are going to Kg Bayayat for hiking purposes. The view of Singkug Hills from the registration AVAILABLE PACKAGE  DAY TRIP HIKING ➡ PACKAGE A (Individual RM59) INCLUDING : 1. Registration Fee RM3 2. Guide RM35 3. Certificate RM5 4. Breakfast RM6 5. Lunch(traditional) RM10 ➡ PACKAGE B. (Group Of 5, RM31/pax)  INCLUDING : 1. Registration fee RM3 2. Guide RM7 3. Certificate RM5 4. Lunch (traditional) RM10 5. Breakfast RM6 👣 Route A  (for an extreme hike) 👣  Route B (for a recreational hike) If you choose camping overnight, the registration and price are as below. CAMPING (Overnight): INCLUDING : 1. Registration RM10/pax 2. Guide RM65/5 pax 📃ITINERARY 0630 am - Arrival 0700 am - Briefing 0730 am - Start Hike 1230 pm - Lunch 1300 pm - Finish Operation Day : Monday - Sunday (book at least we

Sondot View Camp (SVC), Kota Belud Sabah | Lisa Maurie

Good day everybody! Have you ever wondered whether to plan to go to someplace where less traffic, less work and felt like a local? If you are, please visit Sondot View Camp (SVC ) located at Kampung Kebayau, Kota Belud, Sabah. Sondot VIew Camp (SVC) It was such a nice place for those who want to have a family gathering or friends reunion and spent more time together. You could see the scenery during the day and natural experience during the night. I was having such a good time together with my friends. Unfortunately, the phone service there was not very stable. It was raining  They were open from Tuesday to Sunday ONLY and took a holiday on Monday. ✔    Monday  ~ Holiday ✔  Tuesday to Sunday  ~ Open ✔  Walk-In (9.00 am until 6.00 pm) They also provided several packages,  Package 1 (Walk-in only) Walk-in Adult (13 - 64 Years old) ~ RM3.00 Walk-in kids (7 - 12 Years old) ~ RM2.00 Free of Charge (65 years old above, disabled people and children below

How to deal with people who doesn't like you |

Have you ever walk out of your door and then suddenly you felt like you wanted to enter your room again because you feel awkward and a sense that people hated you for no reason? or is it only by your feeling? Or have you ever felt like everyone hated you, no matter what you do, either it's good or bad? One day, I attended an event at someone's place. At the corner of the house, I saw someone looking straight at me as I was doing something that irrelevant. It's odd and making me feel uncomfortable; it makes me think, did I do something wrong? Is my T-shirt torn? I felt like I've been blamed for something that I don't know what it is. So, I didn't do any wrong, but people just like to tests your psychology, and it felt so irritating. Therefore, I am giving you all the tips on dealing with a person who hated you for no reason. Read also: How to make the right decision? 4 simple tips on how to deal with a person who hated you for no reason 1) Act like you