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Dorm number 14 - short stories 2020

See, Write, and Post-it. Our eyes see and record every memory that goes on in life.
It's raining outside, drizzling, and cold. I looked at my phone, it's 5.45 O'clock in the evening. It was a gloomy Saturday, I was at home, alone again. Thinking of my little sister but she was with my dad. And I am stuck with my mom.  It's been a month, I'm living with my mother. Only the two of us. I missed my dad, and my little sister, she was 10 years old. But, they both live in the cities. We had a family issue, my father and mother got divorced, not long ago. I haven't seen my dad and sister for a year. This grown-up thing messed up my childhood.   
I still contact my dad, video call with him, and my little sister. I am 8 years older than her. But, we both really close to each other. I am now 18 years old, finally, I can make my own decision, and I hope I got an opportunity to go to the cities. Being away from home. I love my mom, but I don't like her boyfriend. She seem…

The unbearable pressure - My story

I was waiting for my friend at one station. Whilst waiting for him, I saw this grandmother sitting at the bus stop, in the state of torn clothes, messy hair, no slippers, with an umbrella. She was alone, sitting there looking at the sky. It reminds me of my parents.
We get older, they get older too.

While thinking about my parents, suddenly, I had this feeling to share with. Things were not like what I expected this year. I was so stressful with the environment of my family. Shouting everywhere, here and there. Messed up my mind. Irritated, agitated. I found no peace in yelling with one another. None of the things get better. I felt so burden.

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Then, one day I set my mind, this too shall pass. Another one, I never understand why parents bringing up their stories about children to others to be heard. Name it, on whatever occasion they are attending, they always bringing up a stories about their children either success or failure. I can't understand. It was so stressful.

Then, I get this pressure out of nowhere all upon my mind. I tried to kept it positive. Truthfully, I don't really like other people know about me too much. I am an introvert, and when other people know about me, I felt discouraged. I just wanted to be left alone, no one bothering me.

Let us come back to the main question, why do parents like to talk about their children? 

Maybe one of the reasons is to share it with others, or they just being responsive to anybody's question. Yet, we know that being in that situation where you are the main character in their story made you uncomfortable, felt strange and being hateful.

However, despite everything, we should respect them even though it is not like what we wanted to. They are our parents and they are the ones who gave us food and help us in any situation. We feel burden sometimes, the pressure was so unbearable. But, to think again, who had the most pressure among us? It's our parents.


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