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Dorm number 14 - short stories 2020

See, Write, and Post-it. Our eyes see and record every memory that goes on in life.
It's raining outside, drizzling, and cold. I looked at my phone, it's 5.45 O'clock in the evening. It was a gloomy Saturday, I was at home, alone again. Thinking of my little sister but she was with my dad. And I am stuck with my mom.  It's been a month, I'm living with my mother. Only the two of us. I missed my dad, and my little sister, she was 10 years old. But, they both live in the cities. We had a family issue, my father and mother got divorced, not long ago. I haven't seen my dad and sister for a year. This grown-up thing messed up my childhood.   
I still contact my dad, video call with him, and my little sister. I am 8 years older than her. But, we both really close to each other. I am now 18 years old, finally, I can make my own decision, and I hope I got an opportunity to go to the cities. Being away from home. I love my mom, but I don't like her boyfriend. She seem…

Look and see if there is any sorrow like my sorrow (Lamentations 1:12)

Jesus has a unique way of winning our love, though not as we might expect. He does not promise us only good things, a life free from hardship. Rather, His most compelling attraction, that which inspires a soul to love Him with bridal love, lies in His passion.

Among us, there is a young sister from Arizona. What brought her to Kanaan? Her father and brother are pilots. She herself had planned to become a teacher. Jesus was only a vague concept of her, but that was to change. It was Holy Week. On the night of Maundy Thursday-Good Friday, she meditated with our sisters in Phoenix on the Passion of Christ and worshipped Him as the Man of Sorrows. As she prayed, 'How can I thank You for what You suffered to save me?', she knew she could thank Him only by dedicating her whole life to Him.

The Garden of Jesus' Sufferings, at Kanaan, testifies to all that He suffered for love of us. Many visitors have met with the Lord in his garden. They have wept tears of repentance, accepted their sufferings, heard the call of God, experienced the rekindling of their love for Jesus.

Many guests have told us that the most decisive and precious hours of their stay at Kanaan were spent in the Garden of Jesus' Sufferings.

A single hour there transformed the life of a young Scandinavian. The sculpture depicting Jesus despised, forsaken and crowned with thorns, made an indelible impression upon her. At that, she gave up everything, her home, her career prospect, her desire for marriage and a family, in order to serve Jesus in lowliness and obedience - and that in a country which had committed grievous crimes against her own.

A young man whom it seemed counseling could not help any further was in the Garden of Jesus' Sufferings. Challenges by this visible reminder of how much Jesus suffered for him, he found his way from rebellion to commitment.

At one point in the history of our sisterhood, and an especially severe wave of defamatory attacks descended upon our mothers. As spiritual daughters, we were understandably saddened, and one of us finally put our feelings into words: "There's no one to defend you" Mother Basilea's brief but matter-of-fact reply was more effective than a dozen sermons: "Have you forgotten the scene from the Prayer Garden showing Jesus standing trial all by Himself? Why do you think it is there?'

Sister Ruth.

Source: My All for Him (Testimonies from Kanaan)


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