Mold and Shape me, dear Lord (Romans 12:2)

When I was still a kid, I do not know what is my purpose in life. I was thinking like, "oh, I want to become a doctor, or scientist, or someone whom people would respect of". I only think about one thing. What I want to be when I grow up. Little that I know, when I grow up I tend to face a lot of problems, and that problem either shape me or destroy me.

As I grow up, most of it, I learned about life, how I survive in it. With the rule of the Biblical, I want to escape reality because I was a not-so-holy person. I can't live like what the Lord had said, everything was the opposite of my will. I want to do this, but the Bible said No. I want to do that, but the Bible said it all. "YOU CAN'T DO THAT". I was using my brain so hard for making my decision wisely. Yet, we all had a limit.

When my age between 13 until 20 years old, I attend a lot of conferences, to gain my faith, to understand my purpose of life. I was so into the youth conferences, where I learned about most of the survival in the world with Christ. The crises that happened to the country, how we as Christian facing that issue. I was exposed to the real deal of living as Christians. Nevertheless, that was the time when I am still in my comfort zone.

As I enter the outside world, I've seen many different peoples. Different characters and personalities. I've been in drama fight, in a broken heart, family and friend issue and fading of faith. I once question myself where I go after I died. The more I grow, I realize that God molds me through every situation. Some might burden me, but if that is the way on how He shapes me, then, let His will be done.

There is no easy way for us to grow in living well with Christ. Each chance took a lot of courage and sacrifices. We seem that is impossible to change our life. But, if He allows that chanced to shape our lives, then walks through it.


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