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My beloved had turned and gone (Song of Songs 5:6) | Sister Dolores

If only we could learn to praise the Lord whenever He allows us to suffer in some way when we are in danger of becoming over-attached to people and work instead of giving Him our love! How He must love us if He would chasten us, even allow us to suffer, rather than see our love diminished in any way. Happy are those who are loved so dearly that even the smallest things can affect such a special relationship. This is why what is allowed to others is not necessarily permissible for them.

My all for Him

A holiday in the quiet of the countryside - how I had been looking forward to going away. This was to be a time of prayer and preparation for an important new chapter in my life. But the joy of anticipation was soon overtaken by the disappointment of reality. The quiet for which I had yearned proved empty, and my prayers seemed to rebound from the ceiling. The Bible no longer spoke to me. I did not understand what God was doing. Was I not here just to listen to Him?

A verse from Micah 7 was my answer: 'I will bear the indignation of the LORD because I have sinned against Him' (v.9). I recalled the past weeks. I had been very busy. My work had so engrossed me that I was already thinking of Jesus all day. Any spare time I had was spent with a loved one who was visiting me.

Had not Jesus in His great love commanded us to abide in Him? How I must have grieved Him. Love scorned is one of life's most painful experiences - yet this was how I had treated Jesus. Deeply dismayed, I began to grasp more fully the wonder of His love. He wants to have us close to Him, then He cannot be with me. How holy is His claim on our love? Amazingly, as I accepted the disappointment of Him withdrawing the sense of His presence, I had a deep inner peace and the assurance that He loved me. So out of that painful experience came the blessing.

Source: The Book My all For Him, M. Basilea Schlink, page 155

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