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365 days that end wells | Lisa Maurie

One year can seem so short. The time with family and friend were count as a blessing. The ups and downs through life were counts as a lesson. If I were ever told to open the page book since day 1 of 2019, I would probably laugh and cry because many things had happened, and I am genuinely blessed to be a part of it. Although we know that a lot of things had happened through the year 2019. Not just by ourselves, but also with our circle, family, friends, and the world that changed little by little. We can't deny how much we wanted to be our year as good as planned. But somehow, we just had to go it whether it is a great moment nor a disappointing moment. And now, before we end the year 2019, here some lessons I learned throughout the year. LESSON TO LEARN 1) Being grateful The year 2019 could be the best year for me, but it can also be the worst year. I am so grateful for whatever memories I go through for the whole year. I am still alive and was getting old, but I

Breakthrough your fear |

When I was a teenager, I was scared of public speaking; when the teacher asks me to participate in public speaking, I can't sleep the whole week because I was scared looking at people eyes.  I was traumatised because I was bullied a lot when I was still a kid. By standing in front of a lot of people makes me nervous. What if people say I am not good enough? What if I made mistakes? We all had fear, and that fear blocking us from moving forward because we ought to think people might say something about us. It lowered our self-esteem. We don't dare to face the situation. There are times when we have to deal with our fear. You want it or not, you had to do it. Saying is easy, but doing it took a lot of courage. But still, you have to do it yourself. Once my old friend said, "If you never try, you never know, dealt with your fear." How to break through fear? 1) It's a normal thing Remember that fear of something is a normal thing. Everyon

A warm note to a dear parent | Short story 2019

Is it possible for us to keep this feeling of being silent about what we are? The truest-self was dismayed by the choice we pick, yet we forgot to look at the back and remembered all the good things prepared for us. Last week, I was hanging out at the corner of a cafe, and whilst I was drinking the coffee, on a rainy evening, I saw this old father was holding the umbrella, hold his daughter's hand, and walk with his daughter across the road. I guess they are moving toward the cafe I was in. He puts the umbrella outside the cafe with drenched clothes, wearing slippers, and white hair, a wrinkled face. I was guessing his age was nearly 60 years old. And the daughter that I thought so might be his granddaughter.  I was sitting at the cafe while updating my blog posts for almost 2 hours. And I can still see the old man and the granddaughter sitting there. It's around 7.00 pm. I was thinking, what is he still doing here for almost 2 hours ? Is he the owner of the Cafe ?

Why you should forgive others? | Lisa Maurie

We were easily getting hurt, but to forgive took a long time to think. Why? Once we were hurt by someone we love, the trust had been broken, and we had a trusting issue with that person. It easy to love, but it is hard to break up. Thus, you feel empty while you hoping someone would fill the happiness for you. You felt betrayed, hurting inside, and sad. You never thought that you will come to those experiences. Therefore, it is hard for you to forgive someone. Again and again, to remind the same thing, make you feel pity for yourself, and you came out with any questions. When a people had a fight with another, it's hard to forgive that person. Because of their ego, they felt undefeatable, unforgiveness, and the burden; it is hard to say 'sorry for each other. Nevertheless, hate can be defeated by kindness, loving, and care for each other. Sometimes you just had to be bold to forgive others because we are human beings, and we make mistakes. Read also: December w

Moment of life - poets | Lisa Maurie

I was living like no vision, I was lost along with my futile struggle, I was close to ending my life, I was crying out loud to search for help, I am giving up, I am fade up, I was overthinking, And I was being eaten by the egos of life. But, here I am right now, I was born again, I was getting to construct the stairs step by step, I am walking on it again, I am happy, I am thankful for what the Lord has made for me, I was broke once, But now I can stand up, I was able to speak to people surround me, That, I was being fixed by the Lord, I was able to overcome my depression, He gave me hope, He gave me love, Thou my life was not perfect, The Lord has prepared what's best in my life, And I will speak for the great thing He has made in my life. Read also: Mould and shape me, Dear Lord There's hope in struggling

How to move on from a heartbreak? |

Everyone had a time where they have been broken. Each year we saw different people with different issues. But, here the facts, heartbreak sucks. It took time to heal, but there's a lot to learn in the process of healing. But, how would you do it if you had a heartbreak? Read also: 3 reasons why you still cling to your ex . How to move on from heartbreak? 1) Take that as a positive thing To take it as a positive thing might be difficult because we are hurting, and at the same time, we are healing. The most terrible thing when you had a heartbreak is your heart will ache every time you remember those memories, you can't sleep, you crying and you just felt so sad.  No one chooses to be hurt. It is the last thing you want to happen in your life, it is not a good choice, but it's an experience. To take that as a positive thing might challenge that person. Look at the positive side; if you hadn't been in that situation, you would never know what it felt like. At l

There's hope in struggling | Lisa Maurie

When we talk about struggling, everybody can relate to it. Everyone does live in struggling. We probably think it is hard to stand on the ground when there are too many questions, trouble, problem, and a barrier to progress. In the past, I kept complaining about my life being just unlucky. I have no vision in life nor the mission. I want to accomplish success in life. I was lost in the pursuit of my identity and often gave up. Then, I tried many things to fix what was missing. I feel like I'm struggling in life just because I have lost my way. We might not understand anything that happened in our life. And we interpret it in a way that we think. There is always hope in every situation we are facing. No matter how hard it is, what we were going through. We can make it through. The struggling we are facing right now won't go last. We either move or stay at the same spot. It makes us stronger, teaches us, keeps us not giving up. Some roads are too hard, but the trial we are f

December with kindness - season of giving | Lisa Maurie

We are already entering the season of giving. For the past 3 days, I was at the conference for work purposes. And I remember the spokesperson as saying, " Be kind to everyone even though they treat you like trash ". It is a very harsh word, but that is the reality of what we are facing nowadays. No matter how good we tried to show to people, we get bash. It happened to me all the time. My good old friend said, " we don't need to prove to anyone by doing something good to them, just let them judge you because you don't need to explain to everyone what you are doing. You're wasting your energy to entertain them ." Read also: Please stop judging other people . Selena Gomez - Kill them with Kindness. Why we should be kind to others?  1) Some people need our help We might not realise it, but some people were just not as lucky as everyone. Maybe, they had a rough day, and of course, it is not our job to make them happy. But, yeah, we can't hel