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To beautiful you - short stories 2020

“You look pretty in that dress” – Anonymous.I had a crush with one girl. I love to see her smile. I like how she dresses, how she tied her hair. She looks so cute. I always teased her look, teased how she was talking, but no one knew that I had the crush on her.Are you wondering how long I had known her? We know each other since we were a little kid. Our parents had a good relationship, for almost 20 years. She’s my best female friend in my hometown. She always came to help me when I was bullied. Since then, we’ve been a friend since we were 9 years old.Never had in my thought that I would have a crush with my best friend. But, that is possible, right?We’ve entered the same school since we still in primary school and up until now, we still entered the same college, same universities, but she was in her ballet classroom and I was more into social studies. Our faculties were apart, but when we had time, we would meet. As our relationship as a friend grow longer, and we became older, I r…

How to move on from a heartbreak?

Everyone had a time where they have been broken. Apart from family issues, the same as the relationship with the partner. Each year we saw different people with different issues. But, here the facts, heartbreak sucks. It took time to heal but in the process of healing, there's a lot to learn.

But, how would you do it, if you had a heartbreak?

And I am really sure, that the statements below, some would help you and some were not because we all had a different point of view. And we had a different timeline and situation. Nevertheless, here we are, how to move on from a heartbreak.

How to move on from heartbreak?

1) Take that as a positive thing.

To take it as a positive thing might be difficult because we are hurting and at the same time, we are healing. What the most terrible thing when you had a heartbreak is you can help your heart being ache, you can't sleep, you crying and take it as a crucial time for you. Who wants to be hurt? No one. It is the last thing you want to happen in your life, it is not a good choice but it's an experience. To take that as a positive thing, create a great moment for you even it is bad. If you hadn't been in that situation, you would never know what others were felt after a heartbreak. This statement seems odd, take that as a positive thing to make you a better person in handling the feeling.

2) Go out with your friends.

When you had the experience of heartbreak, being alone is not a good choice. Because you will remember all of the memories you were with her or with him. Spend a little time with your friends. Go walk around or anywhere, speak what came from your mind and tell them your problem. Just being around with your friends, share about a business plan or whatever the thing is. However, stop talking about the relationship if you are still in the condition of sadness. 

3) Workout.

Search a hobby that puts you busy, so that you don't need to think about any else. Especially if you were hurtful. Go workout, let out a sweat instead of tears. Be healthy for your body and your soul. Don't get too emotional to whatever happens in your life. You deserve to be happy and make some change in your life not just by meeting new people, but being healthy and fit.