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My psycho ex-boyfriend part 2 - short stories 2020

"Hey, Darcy? have you heard of anything that happened to him?" - Sarah
"Who? That psycho man? I don't think so. I hope he gets caught by the police." - Darcy
"Yeah, me too, it's been a year and hasn't heard any news about him? Hope you'll be fine." - Sarah
"Don't worry, I'm safe here (laughing). Can't wait to see you again." - Sarah
"Yeah, me too. See you next week Sarah. Bye." - Darcy

I hung up the phone. It's been a year I haven't heard any news from Julian. Sarah's question had made my anxiety arise. I was sitting in a cafe while listening to music. I spoke to her, Sarah, about our coming back to College. But, I had a trauma event regarding what happened a year ago. It was a crazy freshmen year. Please, no drama this year, no more scene, please.
Two days before I go back to college, I packed up my clothes, and my things. My mother helps me with it. We talked a lot, and she knew what happened to my p…

Moment of life - poets

I was living like no vision,

I was lost along with my futile struggle,

I was close to ending my life,

I was crying out loud to search for help,

I am giving up,

I am fade up,

I was overthinking,

And I was being eaten by the egos of life.

But, here I am right now,

I was born again,

I was getting to construct the stairs step by step,

I am walking on it again,

I am happy,

I am thankful for what the Lord has made for me,

I was broke once,

But now I am able to stand up,

I was able to speak to people surround me,

That, I was being fixed by the Lord,

I was able to overcome my depression,

He gave me hope,

He gave me love,

Thou my life was not perfect,

The Lord has prepared what's best in my life,

And I will speak for the great thing He has made in my life.


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