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My psycho ex-boyfriend part 2 - short stories 2020

"Hey, Darcy? have you heard of anything that happened to him?" - Sarah
"Who? That psycho man? I don't think so. I hope he gets caught by the police." - Darcy
"Yeah, me too, it's been a year and hasn't heard any news about him? Hope you'll be fine." - Sarah
"Don't worry, I'm safe here (laughing). Can't wait to see you again." - Sarah
"Yeah, me too. See you next week Sarah. Bye." - Darcy

I hung up the phone. It's been a year I haven't heard any news from Julian. Sarah's question had made my anxiety arise. I was sitting in a cafe while listening to music. I spoke to her, Sarah, about our coming back to College. But, I had a trauma event regarding what happened a year ago. It was a crazy freshmen year. Please, no drama this year, no more scene, please.
Two days before I go back to college, I packed up my clothes, and my things. My mother helps me with it. We talked a lot, and she knew what happened to my p…

There's hope in struggling - My story

When we talk about struggling, everybody can relate it. Everyone does live in struggling. And we probably think that it is so hard to stand on the ground when there are too many questions, trouble, problem, a barrier to progress.

It is a real thing. The struggling. Some were defeat by it, and some are able to withstand by it. Nevertheless, everything depended on what that person chooses.

In the past, I kept complaining about my life being just unlucky. I have no vision in life nor the mission. I want to accomplish success in life. I was lost in the pursuit of my identity and often gave up. Then, I tried many things to fix what was missing. I feel like I'm struggling in life just because I have lost my way.

We might not understand anything that happened in our life. And we interpret it in a way that we think. There is always hope in every situation we are facing. No matter how hard it is, what we were going through. We can make it trough.

The struggling we are facing right now, won't go last. We either move or stay at the same spot. It makes us stronger, it teaches us, keep us to not giving up. Some roads are too hard, but remember that, the trial we are facing does not exceed our limitations.

There is always hope in struggling ...


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