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Falling in Love at young age |

One of the most quivering experiences for a teenager is Falling in Love .  In definition, falling in love is a physical and emotional attraction towards another person. This happened mostly to all people. And let's talk about Love in perception for Teenagers. Photo from Canva There are two types of love triggered by teenagers, which are crushes and falling love. Crush is an obsession with a guy or a girl. Falling love  is an impressing feeling of self-obsession so that the other person will like him/her. Generally, these two types often called " love at a young age ". For a simple understanding, we used the word infatuation,  which means "not real love".  Let us look into these two situations. Situation 1# Nick is 13 years old. He is a brilliant student. One time, Amy, his classmate, borrow his science book because she did not attend class a day before. She is very polite and gentle. Amy is such a sweet girl, makes Nick 's heart fluttered.

I saw my friend's doppelganger | Short story 2020

T his story happened seven years ago when I was still a student at College. It all started in May during a mid-term break. All the students supposed to go back to their hometown, but I choose to stay during the mid-term break. It was a three month holiday. I had many assignments during the mid-semester break, and luckily, my rent house was not far away from the College. So, I choose to stay during that semester break. I was staying with my friend, Angel , we’re both stay at that house at that time. She is a very happy-go-lucky person, very talkative, and always supportive through any events that I joined. So, while we had time at our rent house, we spent our time together, walk by the river, and get to know more about each other. We had so much fun. We just bought that rent house a month ago. For about a month, we do the same routine over and over again. However, after a while, something strange happened. It all started with a dream. Our bed was facing each other. In my dre

How to spend your boring day? |

Boresome is something we all experienced with. Especially when we were at home and had nothing to do . Of course, we had many things that came out of our mind to do something we good at. But, somehow, it just so boring and we actually don't know what to do. 5 things to do when you are bored We all had different hobbies and different interests at some point. Being able to do a thing for a day is not everybody was into. Some wanted to rest for the whole day, sleeping and going outside the home to see what they could do. Nevertheless, here are the things that you can actually do to spend your boring day. 1) Go bake a cake Able to spend your day just finding recipes and tried them out is something you can actually spend while you were bored at home. Without looking at how that cake will look, spending your day learning to bake a cake will build up your bake skills and make you feel like you are good at something. 2) Go run an errand Instead of trapped in the house, go out

I almost killed myself | Short story 2020

I was born in Christian families, and I am thankful because of that. But, one thing for sure, it doesn't matter what religion you are, one person will always face a situation where they can't get enough of it. When I was a little child, I ought to not think about the world ahead of me. I just live in this world and hope that everything will be prepared for me by my parents. I always wanted to take something for granted. As I grow up every day, I asked myself what I'd be if I become like this or what it be if I choose that? I am very curious to know about everything. But, I still walk with my life and pretending that everything is okay. I am a very good Christian child; I was taught a good thing and practice to have a good manner. However, sometimes I question my faith, and as I growing up and meeting different people from all around the place, my faith was started to fade up. In the year 2005, suddenly, I was diagnosed with depression. I kept quiet and trie

3 changes of teenage boy and girl as they grow |

The changes in adolescence are mainly because of puberty. All these rapid changes bring excitement and, at the same time anxious. Some adolescence felt that this is the moment they develop their behaviour and lifestyle. These are the stages where they could get confused. This was the crucial moment for them to have the curiosity and search for identities. What does change for teenagers as they grow? 1) Tiredness and laziness Sometimes, adolescents don't understand why they find it easy to be tired for no reason. The parents and other family members should understand that this feeling of fatigue is caused by physical changes that occur in adolescent life. Feelings of tiredness and laziness become more apparent when a teenager is given a heavier task at home or school. They sometimes dislike doing work and do little work either at home or at school. Although parents and teachers sometimes accuse them of being lazy, it was all because of the biological nature. Physical gr

Make money using your phone in 2020 | Cashzine Apps

Make money using your phone in 2020 By 2020, many people were looking for extra income to help to increase their income. However, many are still unaware that there are apps that can generate money for you.  Readward official platform provides cash to help you develop a reading habit.  Cashzine is a free app designed for mobile phone users to read the news, do tasks and earn cash. During reading, the platform provides allowance and bonus, which in the form of In-App coins to encourage users to develop a good reading habit. Users can exchange In-App coins for cash at any time. Many people have been making money from Cashzine apps , and some are earning over RM100 in just a day by using this mobile phone app. All you have to do is read the article and share it. How to register a Cashzine account? Cashzine is an application that can generate income by reading an article or share it. Download Cashzine apps on Google Playstore > CLICK HERE < Next, on

Happy New Year 2020 - New resolution |

It is now entering the New Year. Happy New Year 2020! Most people will come with a New resolution , and some will just continue with what they hadn't achieved for the last couple of years. In whatever the occasion is, let's just continue to breathe and dream big for whatever you want to do. Never stop believing in yourself that you can make your dream come true! Treat yourself right and start to make it possible. Stop complaining and do the right thing! However, everything was hectic when it comes to what to do first; how should I start it? Where to start? Everybody had a different perspective and have different goals for a New Year. To achieve the goals, you had to make some strategies for it. Either it is a business, the life-changing process, self-skills, or losing weight. The thing is, you had to make it step by step. Here are some tips on how to make a better resolution for 2020, How to make a better resolution for 2020? 1) Set your goals The f