Falling in Love

One of the most quivering experiences for a teenager is Falling in Love. In definition, falling in love is a physical and emotional attraction towards another person. This happened mostly to all people. And let's talk about Love in perception for Teenagers.

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There are two types of love triggered by teenagers, which are crushes and hero worship. Crush is an obsession with a guy or a girl. Hero worship is an impressing feeling of self-obsession so that the other person will like him/her. Generally, these two types often we called "puppy love".

For a simple understanding, we used the word infatuation which means "not real love". Let us look into these two situations.

Situation 1#

Nick is 13 years old. He is a brilliant student. One time, Amy his classmate borrow his science book because she did not attend class a day before. She is very polite and gentle. Amy is such a sweet girl, makes Nick's heart fluttered. On that day, Nick goes back to his home with a happy feeling. He can't wait for tomorrow to see Amy again. This sudden feeling can be just an infatuation unless they both had the same feeling. However, it is obvious what Nick felt at that time is just for a moment.

Situation 2#

On holiday, Sarah attends campfire hosts by their school during the holiday for three days. Other schools were also involved in that campfire. There, Sarah meets Billy from other cities. They were both like each other. They exchange their number phone. After finish camping, they both went back to their own school and cities. They kept texting, but little that they know, the happy feeling of texting becomes bored and just stop.

You should know the difference between sudden infatuation and a kind of love that becomes your foundation for a couple.

What is the difference between Love and Infatuation?

1) Love takes time to grow whereas infatuation comes with suddenness.

2) Love comes after seeing the person in all sorts of situations, however, infatuation is "love at first sight" without even know how good or bad is the person.

3) Love was based on different nature and someone's else personalities, whereas infatuation worships others based on looks, and cools nature.

4) Love accepts someone after knowing the truths and facts, whereas infatuation accepts someone and doesn't care about reality.

5) Love involves real concern for the well-being of others by thinking of what he/she can give now and after. Infatuation is selfish, thinking of fun and what he/she can achieve.

6) Love has self-confidence and faith. Infatuation has jealousy, daydreaming, or only obsession with someone.

7) Love will appear in the late teens whereas infatuation often appears in the early teens.

8) Love can face troubles and try to solve it. Infatuation doesn't care about problems and obstacles.

It's possible that teens nowadays have many misconceptions about love. This includes love is caused by a strange energy that finds both people. Others think that love is unstoppable and is not responsible for the consequences. Other than that, some think that if both of them were not meant to be, they took their own life.

How to know if him/her love is real?

1) Divisive test

True love is driven by a desire to share, give and reach. 

2) Strength test

Experiencing love in the long term does not confiscate your strength, but it should give you power and strength.

3) Respect test

There is no true love without respect. Respect for each other.

4) Behavioral test

Love accepts his/her habits. Do not expect you can change that person easily one day. Accepts the deficiency.

5) Quarreling test

The question here is not about the quarrel, but a willingness to make peace after a fight.

6) Time test

One needs time for energy, mental and physical maturity to grow.

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