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The Haunted office | Short story 2020

Five years ago, when I was about 20 years old, I got a job at one office that I thought was real. This is my story, Jason Lee. Photo by Mike My name is Jason Lee; about five years ago, when I was still in my 20’s, I was struggling to look for a job. Actually, I felt so bored at home, and like other people, I wanted to hold my own money. I send all my resumes regardless of where I am heading or got stuck, with the hope at least I got one interview from the job I was applied for. Hopefully. So, I waited for almost two or three months. At the moment, I felt like giving up. I already got an answer from some of the resumes I sent through email, and most of the answer was a disappointment. I was crying because I’ve been hoping to get the job. But, I guess I am not lucky enough. I was so depressed. But then I don’t give up. I kept telling myself that I am still young and still a long way to go. So, I opened my computer, and start looking for a job. For night and day, I w

Thank you, I love you - Confession Part 3 (Ending) | Short Story 2020

It was her, Athalia. I know this is for an interview, but I was the one who gets nervous. Then, I call out her name for an interview. She looked even prettier and super hot. But the funny thing is she didn't even recognise who I was. I started interviewing her, asking about her personal life, her status, and all sorts of things. She hasn't married yet, and it was a good thing to hear. So, after finished interviewing, she went home. My clerk and I were busy picking up the new personal assistant. As she suggested that candidate 1 is the most suitable for the job, deep inside my heart, I was trying to pick Athalia . So, I did. They are some who were more suitable for the job, but I still pick  Athalia.  I admit that it's unfair, but I was the boss, after all. Photo by mentatdgt The next day, she came. She works at my company for about one month. But she still hasn't recognised me.  Because she was my personal assistant, so she will be with me all the time. Sometimes

Thank you, I love you - Confession Part 2 | Short Story 2020

After finishing high school, I have not seen her yet. The last time I spoke to her is before graduation. After three years have passed. A lot of things had changed in my life. I was lucky enough to have a good family background. And today, I run my father's company.  I was a director in a tax company. Photo from Canva I just started to tell my interesting story. In mid-year, my personal assistant was fired because of the money scandal between her and the client. That client sued our company, and since that, I prohibited my staff from getting involved in any trouble. Once you do, you are out! Because of that incident, I ask my clerk to post a job vacancy for a personal assistant. She listed the criteria and set an appointment as soon as possible. I didn't manage to go all through the candidates, so I just ask my clerk to pick 5 peoples that she think suitable. Next week, I ask my clerk to call out the five people to go for an interview.  The next Monday, at 9.00 in

Thank you, I love you - Confession part 1 | Short story 2020

"I'm happy for you while feeling unhappy that I'm not your author of happiness."  Life is funny, how it starts and how it will end, so does the relationship. I'm Zack; I  had a crush on this girl, Athalia. She is funny, kind and brilliant. I know her while we were still in high school.  Photo by Elle Hughes For the first time we met, I've felt like I have known her for a long time. She was really a nice girl, easy-going, and friendly person. I like her character and attitude. I like how she speaks, her gesture, and the way she smiles.  But, there's is one problem. I have never been with any girl, a beautiful girl like her, and I am kind of a nerd. I was lack of confidence, and I was just invisible to everyone. I was 18 years old, but the good thing is I was an editor in my school, but who likes a nerd boy, right? Athalia  was the only friend who wanted to befriend me. We both were assigned to be in a group science project. We had the s

5 reasons you should start a blog |

Blogging had become trending for so long. It is free and easy to set up. It's a platform for you to express yourself, search for a new idea, share your thoughts, and circle with people with the same hobbies as you.  So, why is it you need to start a blog?  Why you should start a blog? 1) Make money Yes. Indeed. How? by monetising it. Some people were underestimating the blogger community because they don't see what a blogger can do. Of course, everything takes time, but once you reach many readers, you will start making some income. Read also: How to make money with a blog? 2) It's easy and free  It easy to start up your blog. You can start making blogs through many websites, but most people start making blogs from and . In my opinion, is the easiest blog to start with. It was free and easy to use. Read also: How to start a free blog on 3) Blogging help other people too The blog is wider because it&#

The reason, I choose you - Valentine's story | Short Story 2020

Everyone wants to have a sweet, romantic, and beautiful love story. Achieve the relationship goal, marrying the right guy and spending the whole life with the right person. Most people wishing to had that dream come true. Yes, indeed. But, having just an ordinary person is more than enough. The reasons I choose you ~ by anonymous Photo by Min An "For years, I had a crush on Samuel. Since I was still in high school, I remembered seeing him during one of the best moments of my sister's wedding. I saw him wearing a white T-shirt and just a simple outfit, yet a very entertaining person. I don't know what the reason is, but surely I know that I had a crush on that person." My name is  Dell, and I like to do what other girls do; I have a secret. I was a secret admire to Samuel for a long time . We were best friends since we're kids. Have you ever felt your heartbeat beating as the person you like gets near to you? I have. Often. Fortunately, at that time,

A short definition about success |

Before I get to the point, let's started with these 5 favourites quotes. You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. - C.S lewis Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough - Og Mandino. It's not whether you got knocked down; it's whether you get up. - Vince Lombardi The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. - Walt Disney Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit. - Conrad Hilton What is success? Success is the definition of accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Success can be defined by anything; each person had their own meaning of what is successful.  For example;   They finished high school  Getting a degree in their 20's  Getting married and have children Got a job  Had a good financial Getting a good grade. Success is a good thing. But, sometimes, people took advantage of being successful. It become

The Christmas wedding by James Patterson and Richard DiLallo - A review

Disclaimer- I am not a professional reviewer of any book  The Christmas Wedding is one of the best books. A lot of suspense, romance, comedy, and family-oriented background, and the storyline was interesting and unique. I admire how the author gathers the plots, and I like the characters involved in this book. Each of the characters was interesting; Gaby, the mother, a teacher, and her husband died three years ago. And soon to-be-the bride. Claire and her families, husband, Hank, children, Gus, and twins Toby and Gabrielle. Emily and Dr Bart, Seth and Andie, and last but not least, Lizzie and her husband Mike together with their child, Tallulah. Like the title, Christmas Wedding  is about Gaby, who invited her children ( Claire, Emily, Seth,  and Lizzie ) for Christmas because she is married to one of the three chosen men.  Photo by Wesner Rodrigues The opening of this story was so interesting; it started with Gaby sent a video to her children. The four of them. Each

The stories about Jane - Part 3 (Ending) | Short Story 2020

You could hear a pin drop ... Yes, she, Jane was shocked when she met with Bresley's parents for the first time. She doesn't know how to react, either wanting to shout, cry, or get out of that house. But surely, she was astonished, irritated and angry when she seeing his parents. "That was my father, was... a long time ago", said in her heart, then her eyes began to tear up. They all were started to look at each other. What's more irritating was her father doesn't even recognise her, his own daughter. Jane just stood there, saying nothing, and can't even look at her father. A moment later, she gathered herself and said; "I'm sorry, but I had a thing to do, I am sorry, but I need to go back right away. I'm sorry, Bresley. You had such a lovely family."  "What?"  said Bresley.  She just storms out of their house while Bresley trying to chase her. But Jane let go of Bresley's hand and run out from their house. She do

The stories about Jane - Part 2 | Short Story 2020

Since 16 years old,  Jane  had no experience of having a crush on someone else. The thing that happened within her family had impacted a lot in her life. Somehow, the gentleness of that man towards her made her realise there's still a good man out there.  A day passes by, for almost a week, Jane did not see the same Uber. How disappointed was that? Photo by Snapwire After two weeks, Jane and her mother always go to a mall every Sunday. She took care of her mother. She takes the best clothes she had and puts on some makeup, wearing nice shoes and searching for an Uber.  With hope, she can find the same Uber she had a crush on. After a while, a Uber came, but it's not him. She must be so disappointed. But still, she asked Uber politely to get them to the mall. Navigation was set on. For about 30 minutes, they had arrived at their destination. Thank you with a smile, Jane. About an hour they were still at the mall. Jane had a favourite bookstore at the mall, so she w

The stories about Jane - Part 1 | Short story 2020

"I might say, I was being swayed by my problems and lost my way many times. I was about to give up, but I think I can handle this one . " - Jane. Jane  is the only child of Mr and Mrs  Jackson .   At the age of 15, she's been shocked by her family's conflict. Her father, Jackson, married another woman and left both her and her mother. Knowing that her only father that was supposed to take care of them, left for another woman makes her irritated with him.  Jane's mother,  Susie,  was not really accepting that her husband was about to leave her for another woman. Remembering the day he said " I Do " in front of her family had torn her heart into pieces, she kind of losing her mind. Jane was worried about her mother. Fifteen years of marriage destroyed by the man she promised to live with. They were both devastated by the situation, but still, they tried to stay put together. One month pass by, everything seems okay. Enter three, six and n

The break-up stories | Short Story 2020

Here are the stories about the break-up . She was in love with a man, who she thought would love her, but she got stabbed in the back.   It all started with teasing. First of all, let me introduce the characters, the woman named  Katie and the man named was Jeremy. They were 4 years apart. The man was younger than the woman. Photo from Canva In December 2014, Jeremy met  Katie for the first time at the party of their mutual friends. He was likely teasing Katie about everything she has done. It can't be denied because Katie is an easy-going person and cool about anything. While Jeremy seems like a caring person and likes to helps others. Well, that is what she thought about it at first. Because Jeremy took care of Katie since their first meeting, and they exchange numbers. Katie had a different taste; she likes it when a man taking care of her. But, Katie thoughts, "he is too young for me," and Katie lost interest for a while. She then added, "It look