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My psycho ex-boyfriend part 2 - short stories 2020

"Hey, Darcy? have you heard of anything that happened to him?" - Sarah
"Who? That psycho man? I don't think so. I hope he gets caught by the police." - Darcy
"Yeah, me too, it's been a year and hasn't heard any news about him? Hope you'll be fine." - Sarah
"Don't worry, I'm safe here (laughing). Can't wait to see you again." - Sarah
"Yeah, me too. See you next week Sarah. Bye." - Darcy

I hung up the phone. It's been a year I haven't heard any news from Julian. Sarah's question had made my anxiety arise. I was sitting in a cafe while listening to music. I spoke to her, Sarah, about our coming back to College. But, I had a trauma event regarding what happened a year ago. It was a crazy freshmen year. Please, no drama this year, no more scene, please.
Two days before I go back to college, I packed up my clothes, and my things. My mother helps me with it. We talked a lot, and she knew what happened to my p…

The Christmas wedding by James Patterson and Richard DiLallo - A review

First of all, I would like to say that I am not a reviewer of any book, but still, I wanted to share my opinion (a good opinion) towards these books. The Christmas Wedding is one of the best books. A lot of suspense, romantic, comedy and family-oriented background and the storyline were so interesting and unique. I admire how the author, gathers the plots, and I like the characters involved in this book.

Each of the characters was interesting, Gaby, the mother, a teacher, and her husband died three years ago. And soon to-be-the bride. Claire and her families, husband, Hank, children, Gus, and twins Toby and Gabrielle. Emily and Dr. Bart, Seth and Andie, and last but not least, Lizzie and her husband Mike together with their child, Tallulah.

Just like the title, Christmas Wedding is about Gaby, who invited her children (Claire, Emily, Seth, and Lizzie) for Christmas, because she is getting married to one of the three chosen men. Though I can't tell you much about it, who she marries, you have to read the book.

Photo by Wesner Rodrigues
The opening of this story was so interesting, it started with Gaby sent a video to her children. The four of them. Each of her children had a storyline. First, is Claire, second, about Emily, the perfect daughter, third, Seth, the only man and fourth, Lizzie.

But I will not include Gaby, though she is the main character. She is fun, kind-hearted, smart, sweets, and funny. Go read this book, I can assure you that you will learn a lot trough Gaby's characters. A strong woman.

However, among all of her children, I more interested in reading the characters of Claire, and all the stories about her husband, Hank, and their first son, Gus. However, like I said, I can't tell much about it, you have to read it. You have to read the whole thing. Claire's stories will make you said, "Wow if I in her situation, I would probably give up." But, she is so strong just like her mother, Gaby.  

It's not that I dislike the other character, but for me, I am more interested in Gaby and Claire. Oh, didn't forget about Emily, the smart daughter, and her perfect man, Bart. How I wish I can be like her

So, overall, this book was great. Very heartwarming, and the conflicts sometimes shocked me. However, I still enjoy it very much. A proof that a mother always loves her children, regardless whatever their trouble and question are. Love you Gaby.


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