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    How to plan and start your blog ?

    Hello there! Have a wonderful week and a lovely day in whatever you do. Why I need to start greeting you first ? Because I know life could be overwhelmed, you might find that many things are happening today; maybe you're tired physically and mentally. I don't know, but I wish you the best in life. I just want to tell everyone that Life is Good . I haven't written my blog content for a long time. So, today could be my new day to start again! Lately, I was reorganizing my strategy on my blog journey  and more of it, I almost change everything about my blog. So, during that time, I read my blog from the beginning I started in 2019. At some point, I find my content was a bit childish and cringy. I was laughing at my own content, but at the same time, I'm actually grateful because I go this far. This is the longest thing that I still kept doing instead of stopping. So, I can say that I am proud of myself not because I was so good, but Because I appreciate the hard work I was

    The wrong turn | short story

    In the year 2009, after we finished our final exam, we went on a trip with my four other friends. Two male and three female. My two female friend and I were 17 years old, while the other male friend was 18 and 19 years old. So, we went hiking nearer the mountain, and we asked my brother to send us off to the reception. We all are excited about the hiking. I don't own any phone during that time, so I just asked my brother to come to pick us up at 3.00 pm. We assume to go back around that time. As soon we arrived, we register our name. Since one of our friend, Gary,  has been there before, we assume he knew well the trail. The guide told us not to follow the other trail and stick to the trail that has been made. So, we noted the information and started our journey. Gary, the one who 19 years old, told us that he had been there before and knew there's a shortcut for another trail. But, we doubt it, after a while, we change our mind and follow him. There were 6 checkpoints, and eac

    The girl from the woods | Short story

    Once upon a time, a little girl named Angela lives in the countryside. But, one time, due to diseases overload within their village, her mother, Sachness, begs her husband to take Angela away and run to the forest.  Angela's father feels the pain to leave his wife alone because she was infected by the diseases. And at that time, there was no doctor. For the sakes of their daughter, he had to do what he had to do. So, he left the town while crying, seeing his sick wife left alone and be gone. They leave while in the daylight with a little bit of bread; while carrying his daughter, he survived.  He then arrived nearer the stream, and from there taking a sip of the stream and drink. Because it was getting darker, he started to light a fire with a bunch of dry wood to stay away from a wild animal. Angela's father hugs her so that she won't feel the coldness of the dark night. While he holds his daughter, the tears running through his cheeks because he can't get over his wif