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Why you should not compare yourself with other? -

Let's faced it, sometimes, we are comparing ourselves with others. For what reason? I know it might sound unrealistic but comparing yourself with others is either ungrateful or feeling defeated. Let's talk about being grateful. While you live in this world and think that you had the unluckiest day of your life, money problem, and felt like this is the end of your life, compared yourself and all kind of negative thoughts can actually destroy your self-esteem. But, there's good news, your not alone. Most of the people had gone through that process, some survive, but some did not. The more they compared themselves, the more they became depressed. Sometimes, it's a good thing if you make the comparison to motivate you. However, it gave more damage than healing. Comparing yourself with others can be gruesome; it takes your joy and leads you to sadness. So, what should we do to stop comparing ourselves with others? Here's the truth, the older you get, the more you