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Let's faced it, sometimes, we are comparing ourselves with others. Ask yourself, what is the reason? It's either jealousy or never feels enough with ourselves. We wanted to be more than what we had, and even worse wanted to be more than the person we hated.

Let's talk about being grateful. While you live in this world and thinks that you had the unluckiest day of your life, you don't have enough money, and you felt like the world is turning you down, all kind of negative thoughts brings you to compare yourself with others, it's a phase where everyone had gone through it. Otherwise, why would I write this post?

Because I'd been in there. It is a good thing when you make the comparison to motivate you, however, being in this situation reminds of me to learn to be grateful for what I have. Forcing myself to know that, even at the slightest thing I had, makes me happy.

Comparing yourself with others can also be gruesome, it takes your joyful, and leads you to depression. So, what did I do to stop comparing myself with others?

Here's the truth, the older I get, the more I know that everyone had their own struggle in life. And when I see on the bright side, I realize that everyone had their story. So, here is the reason why you should not compare yourself with others.


1) You had your own struggle

Have you ever wonder, why your life is not like others? 

they rich... 

they happy... 
they are married...
and so on...

Yes, we do get jealous a little bit, but, let's put it like this, just imagine that, we had a long road to go, but it doesn't mean that we can't get to our destination. Jealousy is a normal thing. Each of us had their story. You cant compare your struggle with others, maybe, we thought that our struggle is too much. But, in the real world, somebody was struggling much worse than you are but still can make it trough. Be grateful and enjoy every little thing even if you feel like giving up. 

2) You had your own timeline

A long time ago, I remembered that, after graduated in degree I had no job. And after a while, I got an opportunity to attend this so-called skilled institution which I think I had no interest in. To watch my life with my other friend I get jealous. Why? Because they already had their career while they still young and I am still wondering about what to do with my life.

Some of my friends work as a teacher, doctor and even work as an engineer. They all had a good career ahead of them. And I have nothing to show to anyone. I felt like I don't have the courage to go out with them, listen to their life works and how good they are in the careers, I felt so small. But, after a while being in that situation, listen to some part of their life, I am actually glad that I made it trough at what I am right now. 

Even so, I am still lacking at so many things, I felt relieved and so grateful because I still breathing and able to write a story about this feeling and experiences. Telling the people who felt outcasted that they were not alone and together believing that some great thing will happen ahead of us.

It doesn't matter how long the process we took, or what struggle we had been through. Comparing ourselves with others does not make it any better. Let just be enjoy what you been doing right now with gratitude because each of us had their own time.
Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means you've decided to look beyond the imperfections.
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