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How to make the right decision? |

The biggest challenge in my life is by choosing the right decision. Is it for a better or worst?  Here comes the worst nightmare for me, choosing the way of living. Once my friend said, "The way we were thinking were never be the same as we were children, while we were still in a teenager, we ought to think about the exam, homework, who will we befriend with. And now, we are much older, we were thinking of how we suppose to live?". The same question comes into my head. Making a  DECISION . How to make the right decision? How to make the right decision? If you were given a choice to choose between two or more blank spaces, you could choose the best answer. Isn't it? But, every choice you make comes with consequences. No matter what answer you pick, it always comes with a reason. Sometimes it hard, and sometimes it easy. Like it or not, you had to deal with it. In early October, I was struggling with what decision on either to quit the job or not. It is not

The unbearable pressure | Short story 2019 | Lisa Maurie

I was waiting for my friend at one station. Whilst waiting for him, I saw this grandmother sitting at the bus stop, in the state of torn clothes, messy hair, no slippers, with an umbrella. She was alone, sitting there looking at the sky. It reminds me of my parents. We get older; they get older too. While thinking about my parents, suddenly, I had these thoughts. Things were not like what I expected this year. I was so stressed with the environment of my family. Shouting everywhere, here and there. Messed up my mind. Irritated, agitated. I found no peace in yelling with one another. None of the things gets better. I felt such a burden. Then, one day I set my mind, this too shall pass. Other than that, I never understand why parents bringing up their stories about children to others to be heard. Name it, they always bring up stories about their children, either success or failure, on whatever occasion they are attending. I can't understand. It was so stressful. Then, I

Can I be angry in silence? Please | Short story 2019

Today, something had happened. I was about to burst out when I see that kind of attitude. Truthfully, I was trying to hide my expression from being so ugly. But I can't. Unfortunately, my face showed it all. And my heart was racing out so fast that I can't control my emotion and appearance. Being hatred but at the same time trying to be cool. I was out of the act! I am trying to put a positive thought in my mind. However, it works for a while but not that long. Have you felt the same way as I did? You see that person that annoys you the most. But, you try to act like everything will be okay. Don't make any scenes. I experienced it today. It's like more than one person trying to intimidate me. Like I had done something to them. I was trying to repel that feeling. Because it felt so irritated and annoying. At some point, I wish I can just say, please leave me alone. What makes it even worse when you can't blend with their attitude. So, what do you think you

What is the purpose of life | Lisa Maurie

Once my friend said, you can always tell someone by writing to them. Let the letter speak to them. I like that idea. So here I am, writing to anyone out there to tell a story. Often I thought that  I don't know what my purpose is . I do have a dream, but the question is, had I achieve my dream?  That dream was so long-long a time ago. It was when I was still a kid learning how to growing up. Truthfully, I don't have any plan, and when I was looking at my friend's life, or my colleagues and others. I felt like I was lost because I don't really have direction.  I guess I was losing my way, right?  My direction being distracted every day,  or maybe I was just not focused on the future? Read also: What comes to your mind about growing up? I question it each day. At some point, I don't see what was I looking for in life. I end up doing the same routine over and over again. I think that it's still a long way to go. I was giving up my goal; I thought that I co

What comes to your mind about growing up | Lisa Maurie

As I was growing, I realise that I am not like what I use to be before. When I was a kid, I dream of being a doctor, and I imagined that I was in one room, treating the patient and wearing a long coat with a stethoscope. An unimaginable dream that one day I could be a doctor. It turns out, I was never able to be a doctor like what I imagine since I was a kid. Secondly, I dream of being a teacher, teaching others about a subject and standing in front of them, speaking and sharing everything that came out of my mind. And the most memorable is when I dream of being a detective. When we were in elementary school, the 'detective Conan' was a very popular animation. Until then, we tried to be 'Conan' itself.  Well, time flies so fast, none of the dreams did come true. The truth about growing up is so hurtful. Unless you were born with a good background of family and filled with luxury, then nothing seems so hard for you. But, not all people were so lucky.  What comes