Oh my God, You'd grown a lot

As I was growing I realize that I am not like what I use to be before. When I was a kid, I dream to be a doctor, and I was imagining that I am in one room, treating the patient and wear a long coat with a stethoscope. An unimaginable dream that one day I could be a doctor. It turns out, I was never able to be a doctor like what I imagine since I was a kid.

Secondly, I dream to be a teacher, teach others about a subject and stand in front of them, speak and share everything that came out of my mind. And the most memorable is when I dream to be a detective. When we were in elementary school, the 'detective Conan' was a very popular animation. Until then, we tried to be 'Conan' itself. It's so funny to look back on old memories. 

Well, time flies so fast, none of the dreams I was into. The truth about growing up is so hurtful. Unless you were born in a rich family, then, nothing seems so hard for you. But, I am just an ordinary person who is waiting for something magical to happen in my life. And maybe, I was born into the world to go through difficult phases of life. There are hard times, good times, and everything is beautiful in time. But often, I go through a difficult road.

What comes to your mind when you were asking about grown-up? 

Hmm.., sometimes I prefer to be a kid again because A kid doesn't need to think too much. A kid, they just waiting for someone to prepare everything for them without question. As for grown-up, they prepare everything by themselves, they need to know why, where, how and the effect after. That is the truth of being grown up. 

But still, there is something I like being a grown-up person. I started to know why and even though you realize that not everything goes well in life, I understand the difficulties of life. We do know and understand the situation and try to coop with it. At some point, we do have our breakpoint, but that is how it should be. Up and down. It all depends on our response and how we handle the situation.

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