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    I tested positive for COVID 19 | Will the pandemic end soon?

    Our eyes see and record every memory that goes on in life. A blog that writes short stories, motivation quotes, blogging tips, and positive vibes. The world is becoming insane. It gets increasingly violent, with wars, economic recessions, political power obsession, the deaths of innocent people, earthquakes, viruses, and disease. It may seem to be the end of the world, yet life carries on as long as the planet continues to rotate, and we are still breathing.  I told myself last year that I would publish a blog article every week to keep the momentum going. However, things have lately altered as a result of several important priorities. And, as I write my second blog entry of the year, I have a nightmare. Everyone has one or more things they want to avoid in their life, whether it's people or events. We've been fighting this virus together for two years. I didn't want to get infected with the coronavirus at all. This could happen to anybody, including me. I recently tested p

    How to make the right decision? |

    How to make the right decision? | seewriteandpost.comHere comes the worst nightmare for me, choosing the way of living. 

    Once my friend said, "The way we were thinking were never be the same as we were children, while we were still in a teenager, we ought to think about the exam, homework, who will we befriend with. And now, we are much older, we were thinking of how we suppose to live?".

    The same question comes into my head. Making a DECISION. How to make the right decision?

    In early October, I was struggling with what decision on either to quit the job or not. It is not because of the environment, not because of its staff. I just wanted to take a break and get away from a busy life.

    Although, for a long time, I'm becoming with no entitled job. But still, today, I choose to quit my job. But I think most people would agree that I make the stupidest decision in life.

    "How you suppose to pay for your bills?"
    "How you suppose to pay for your car?"
    "Utility? School? Parent?"
    Bla... Bla... Bla...

    A little bit of disappointment. But, let make it positive. Indeed you had the correct answer on why you had to choose a decision. But making a decision must come with a plan. You can't simply make a decision without any plan onwards. 

    How to make the right decision?

    If you were given a choice to choose between two or more blank spaces, you could choose the best answer. Isn't it? But, every choice you make comes with consequences. No matter what answer you pick, it always comes with a reason. Sometimes it hard, and sometimes it easy. Like it or not, you had to deal with it.

    1) Know what you are doing 

    Guess not everybody had the same vision as you do. Speaking of the decision on what choice we make, it is our responsibility. Most of my friend was stressful because they choosing the wrong decision.

    Everybody makes mistakes, including me. Neither you choose the best or worst decision; you must ready to experiences after-effect.

    And of course, you should have a clear vision of why you choose a decision. You can't make a decision without putting much concern into it. It would turn your life messy.

    2) Come with a plan

    You choose the excellent decision, you had to move on, you choose the wrong decision, you still had to move on. As long as I'm not troubling anybody, then it's the right choice to pick. 

    But, sometimes, a good choice turns into regrets. Yes, It's a shame to make a wrong decision, but life goes on. That is why planning should be implemented in making a decision.

    Once you have set your decision goal, you have to gather information about it and make some plan so your decision can be considered the right decision.

    How to make the right decision? |

    3) Consider the consequences

    Once in a while, we have to make a wrong choice so that we learn from that. That is why a decision that we make doesn't necessarily a good choice. 

    Before carrying on with your decision, you already plan it and list the consequences. From there you prepare yourself, for a backup plan. 

    4) Proceed with your plan

    After you set your goal (you know what you are doing) and analyze any possible plan or backup on your decision, then you can proceed with your plan.

    If it turns worst, then you already know the consequences and preparing for a better plan. In this way, it relaxes your mind to not overthinking.


    Not everyone can make the right decision, and sometimes it turns to be the worst decision. Don't worry, because we learn something from that. But yeah, making a decision must come with a plan.

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