How to make the right decision?

The biggest challenge in my life is by choosing the right decision. Is it for a better or worst? But still, you had to choose it. Right?

Image result for making a decisionHere comes the worst nightmare for me, choosing the way of living. Once my friend said, "The way we were thinking were never be the same as we were children, while we were still in a teenager, we ought to think about the exam, homework, who will we befriend with. And now, we are much older, we were thinking of how we suppose to live?".

The same question comes into my head. And I think it's time to share a Lil bit about DECISION. How to make the right decision?

How to make the right decision?

If you were given a choice to choose between two or more blank spaces, you suppose to choose the best answer. Isn't it? But, every choice you make, comes with the consequences. No matter what answer you pick, it always comes with a reason. Sometimes it hard and sometimes it easy. Like it or not, you had to deal with it.

In early October, I was struggling with what decision on either to quit the job or not. It is not because of the environment, not because of its staff. I just wanted to take a break and get away from a busy life. Although, for a long time I'm becoming with no entitle job. But still, today I choose to quit my job. But I think most people would agree that I make the stupidest decision in life.

"How you suppose to pay for your bills?"
"How you suppose to pay for your car?"
"Utility? School? Parent?"
Bla... Bla... Bla...

Yup, I am not lying that I was thinking this kind of question. A little bit of disappointment. But, let make it positive, I had a reason to quit the job so that I can make more time with my family. I can help them though it's not always about money. Quitting my job doesn't mean I am broke. Who said I'm quitting my life? NO.

So, the first thing is to make sure you know what you are doing and ready for the consequences.

Guess not everybody had the same vision as I do. Speaking of the decision on what choice we make, it is our responsibility. Most of my friend was stressful because people talk behind their back for choosing the wrong decision. Everybody makes mistakes, including me. Neither you choose the best or worst decision, you do know the effect of it. Stop blaming others because of what you had chosen.

Second, you choose the good decision, you had to move on, You choose the bad decision, you still had to move on. So, what is the difference? Keep moving forward on whatever decision you make.  

As long I am not troubling anybody, it is the right choice to do. 

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