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Dorm number 14 - short stories 2020

See, Write, and Post-it. Our eyes see and record every memory that goes on in life.
It's raining outside, drizzling, and cold. I looked at my phone, it's 5.45 O'clock in the evening. It was a gloomy Saturday, I was at home, alone again. Thinking of my little sister but she was with my dad. And I am stuck with my mom.  It's been a month, I'm living with my mother. Only the two of us. I missed my dad, and my little sister, she was 10 years old. But, they both live in the cities. We had a family issue, my father and mother got divorced, not long ago. I haven't seen my dad and sister for a year. This grown-up thing messed up my childhood.   
I still contact my dad, video call with him, and my little sister. I am 8 years older than her. But, we both really close to each other. I am now 18 years old, finally, I can make my own decision, and I hope I got an opportunity to go to the cities. Being away from home. I love my mom, but I don't like her boyfriend. She seem…

Tutorial on how to buy the domain and hosting web from NetKL Network 2020

If you are the first time to my blog, I am greeting you Welcome to my Blog.

For the first time I decided to start a blog, that is a year ago, I choose the Blogspot platform because it's easy to monitor.

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And if you wanted to have a more professional blog, you should have a domain.

Domain vs Subdomain?

A domain is an address of your website that people type in the browser URL bar to visit your website.

A subdomain is a domain that is part of a larger domain. Meaning that it is an additional part of your domain.

For example, my first blog was named as (subdomain), which in turn after a while I change it (domain).

Unfortunately, Blogspot does not provide a domain for a country such as Malaysia. So, in order to have a domain, you have to buy it.

So, in today's blog, I will teach you how to buy a domain and hosting from the NetKL Network website.

Why choose NetKL Network?

Through this Website, you can learn more about their services and their offering apart from selling a domain and hosting.

I had been choosing NetKL Network company for a year, and almost the whole year, I had nothing trouble, it is not a scam, IT IS REAL, and the domain is pretty much affordable (for some). Aside from that, they provide fast service.

Step by step tutorial on how to buy a domain

Step 1 - First, click on the NetKL Network. On the website, click the Hosting Tab as shown in the picture. Hosting > Shared Hosting > For Beginners.

Since I first started a blog a year ago, I don't want to take a risk, so I pick the most affordable one. So, I started with My silver package which is RM60 per year.

Step 2 - Click the Order Now. In this step, you have to pick a domain name as if you don't have a domain. You can pick any name of the domain, but if the domain name had been taken, you had to change to another domain name like the screenshot shown below.

Step 3 - If the domain has not been taken by another website, click the continue button. Make sure the name is right. The price for the domain per year was RM45.00. It does not include the silver package.
Step 4 - Make sure the domain you picked had no misspelling word. For the next step, the company is giving you an option either you wanted to buy ID protection or not. If yes, you had to tick the box, if not, just leave it there. It will be charge RM15.00 if you purchase it.

The reason for the ID protection is to avoid people from spamming your email, because, without protection, other people could probably know your identity.
Click to continue and proceed.

Step 5 - The payment. In this section, you have to fill up the information needed by the company, it is a quick question and divided into several parts.
Part 1 - Personal Information and Billing Address

Part 2 - Domain Registrant Information and Account Security
Part 3 - Payment details. If you choose Billpliz, Paypal and SenangPay, they will charge for services fees.

Part 4 - Additional Notes (it depends on you whether to include or not)
After completing this section, proceed to Complete Order.

So, it is done.

There will be an email from NetKL Networking regarding your purchase and payment. It will look like this.

For more info, you can click on this Website, NetKL Network.


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