Singkug Hill , Kota Belud Sabah.

It's a holiday, so this time, I planned to do hiking. There is a lot of eco-tourism (Hiking) spots in Kota Belud, trust me on that. So, this time we are going to Kg Bayayat for hiking purposes.
The view of Singkug Hills from the registration


PACKAGE A (Individual RM59)
1. Registration Fee RM3
2. Guide RM35
3. Certificate RM5
4. Breakfast RM6
5. Lunch(traditional) RM10

PACKAGE B. (Group Of 5, RM31/pax) 
1. Registration fee RM3
2. Guide RM7
3. Certificate RM5
4. Lunch (traditional) RM10
5. Breakfast RM6

👣 Route A  (for an extreme hike)

👣 Route B (for a recreational hike)

If you choose for camping overnight, the registration and price are as below

CAMPING (Overnight):
1. Registration RM10/pax
2. Guide RM65/5 pax


0630 am - Arrival
0700 am - Briefing
0730 am - Start Hike
1230 pm - Lunch
1300 pm - Finish

Operation Day :
Monday - Sunday (book at least 1week before the hike)


☎ Walter: 0138737666
☎ Jimena :01119575440
☎ Suzzy: 0198272005
☎ Laizin:  01133308271
☎ Rowell: 0195205071

As a beginner, I would like to recommend you to pick Trail B.

What is the difference between Trail A and B? 

Well, there is not that much different except, Trail A was more like jungle tracking. The road was much harder than Trail B, I personally did not pick Trail A (for the first time). Because I would like to start my hiking in a relaxing way. According to our Guide, Trail A had a long way and more challenging compared to Trail B. However, it took us 3.5 hours to arrive at the peak. 

If you had arrived at Kg Bayayat signboard (on the right if you were from Pekan Kota Belud, on the left if you were from Ranau), enter the intersection, then you will see two different roads, choose the right one and enter the old Taska (follow the signboard as above).

Don't worry, they will provide you breakfast, and will have a little brief before you start your hiking journey. My tips are, don't eat too much before you start the hike. They also had a toilet, in case, you need to use the toilet before getting started.
After finish breakfast, we start a hike at 7.30am. Thank God, the weather was just nice even though the night before was raining.
This is the opening for climbing to Singkug hill.
The first hike was already challenging for me.  The green Tshirt was our Guide. 
Too bad, my camera quality was not so good, and the scenery was covered by the haze.

Kotohuman checkpoint
Almost there, still waiting for my friend to arrive at my spot.
The third Checkpoint (Bukit Doa 1.11 Km)
The Guabon Waterfall
The tree was so tall, protect us from the sunlight. 
Keep going, we almost there! 
This is on the third checkpoint,  we could take a rest. And also they provided a toilet, so you don't have to worry about it. 
The scenery from the Bukit Doa. 
One of the hill road.
The picture Guabon waterfall from above.
At Guabon waterfall, they prepare a rest house.
The picture of the rest house from the below (at Guabon waterfall).
The stream.

This was our first checkpoint (KOTOHUMAN) to rest for a minute.

The second checkpoint (Purak Pokou)

The committee prepared our lunch at the registration (post-hike)

At the end of our hiking, each of us was taken a photo session for the certificate. Unfortunately, I did not manage to share the photo at the peak because of the hazing. We were hiking from 7.30am until 12.00pm from start to finisher. It was such a great escape and I want to try it again for the next time. 

If you want to find more about Singkug Hill, Kota Belud, Click HERE.


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