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Dorm number 14 - short stories 2020

See, Write, and Post-it. Our eyes see and record every memory that goes on in life.
It's raining outside, drizzling, and cold. I looked at my phone, it's 5.45 O'clock in the evening. It was a gloomy Saturday, I was at home, alone again. Thinking of my little sister but she was with my dad. And I am stuck with my mom.  It's been a month, I'm living with my mother. Only the two of us. I missed my dad, and my little sister, she was 10 years old. But, they both live in the cities. We had a family issue, my father and mother got divorced, not long ago. I haven't seen my dad and sister for a year. This grown-up thing messed up my childhood.   
I still contact my dad, video call with him, and my little sister. I am 8 years older than her. But, we both really close to each other. I am now 18 years old, finally, I can make my own decision, and I hope I got an opportunity to go to the cities. Being away from home. I love my mom, but I don't like her boyfriend. She seem…

Long distance relationship, is it long last?

A long-distance relationship can be quite troublesome sometimes. It keeps you think whether the other one would stay loyal? is the other one fine? your felt concern overflows, and other than that, you felt a lack of love. Well, if you want to know whether your relationship stays stronger, you are in the right place to read some reasons. In research, there are many reasons why a relationship may not last. But one of them is due to the indifference of the couple. Whether you realize it or not, it all starts with YOURSELF. 

"Let's face it, most of the relationship would not stay long last because of the distance."

Are you really sure?

Well, here is the reason to keep you believe that long-distance relationships can still grow stronger.

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Often we heard that Communication is the key in a relationship. Well, I don't doubt it. That is the most important point that should be in every relationship. It doesn't matter if your story is interesting or boring. If that person loves you for whatever reasons you are, they would never complain about any inadequate you had. A long-distance relationship taught us to always check on our partner by communicating well. Like I said, it all started with yourself, communicate more, talk about anything, like your days, what you been doing all of the days, talk about your work, express your feeling to your spouse, take time like 10 minutes on the phone, every day.

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Yeah, I know, we can't see or know what our partner would do behind our back. Well, this is the right time to have faith in each other. In fact, it is the perfect time to grow and trust each other. I know, it is so hard to apply this feeling. Every relationship should have some challenges in their story, right? By being far away from each other, would be the perfect challenge on either to keep going or stop. Just have faith in your partner. If you can't believe him or her at the small matter, then what would you do at great things?

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A long-distance relationship is not easy. You can't hold on the shoulder of your beloved one to cry or talk about something. Despite that, it teaches us to be mature and keep believing with each other. It is not an easy task, but it can be controlled, build trust with each other, grow patiently and essentially being loyal to each other.

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Who says long-distance relationships won't last longer? Maybe yes, maybe no. Like I said, it all started with YOURSELF. 

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