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The break-up stories | Short Story 2020

Here are the stories about the break-up.

A woman who was in love with a man, who she thought would love her but she got stabbed in the back.  

It all started with teasing. But, first of all, let me introduce them, the woman named Katie and the man named was Jeremy. They were 4 years apart. The man was younger than the woman.

Photo from Canva

In December 2014, Jeremy meets Katie for the first time at the party of their mutual friends. He was likely teasing Katie about everything she has done. It can't be denied because Katie is an easy-going person and cool about anything. While Jeremy seems like a caring person and likes to helps others. Well, that is what she thought about it at first.

Because Jeremy took care of Katie since their first meeting, and they exchange numbers. Katie had a different taste, she likes it when a man taking care of her. But, she thoughts, "he is too young for me" and she lost interest for a while. She then added, "It looks like he being nice to another girl also". 

Well, Katie is an overthinking person and the type of person who follows her heart without thinking. She was an impatient woman. Then, after a week, she tried to reach out to Jeremy and ask him, "Do you like me?". What a bold action. Then, Jeremy replied to her, "yes". It seems like Katie just being bored and wanted to have a relationship. So, she wanted to have a partner, therefore they officially started to secretly date. Just like that. 

Photo by Huy Phan

So, they started to date since the end of December 2014 until the day they called it off. Katie worked in the city, while Jeremy works in another city, like 1 hour away. So, basically, she rarely can see Jeremy because of the work and distance.

The relationship goes well. Until for almost 6 months, Jeremy started to show different behavior. Whenever she called, he always said that he was busy, and too much work given by his boss. He also said that he has a sister, a younger sister that needs his help and he might get too busy until he maybe had to focus more on her sister.

Because Katie is a grown-up woman and doesn't care much about these "sisters" he been talking about. She's tried to understand and never give too much attention to it. So, she let him be whatever he wants to do, "but please tell me if there's any problem", she said.

Fast forward, in August 2015, Jeremy asked Katie to meet in person. So, he said, he wanted to take a break from their relationship. He doesn't tell anything that was happening, and why, he just said that he wanted to focus more on his work and her sister's problem. But, it still seems weird for Katie. But still, Katie tried to understand it, although she felt the pain in her heart.

Photo by Kat Jayne

But then, it does not take a week for Katie to find out the truth. It even hurts her so much knowing the truth from another person. It all leak out when she was having a conversation with their mutual friend, Brandon. Because their relationship was a secret, nobody knows about it. Katie just bluntly asking Brandon about Jeremy. Then, Brandon slips of the tongue told her that Jeremy had a fight with her girlfriend, Janna.

Wait, Who? Janna? Who is that? 

It looks like, there was another woman who was being with him. So, Katie was being curious and asked Brandon the details. So he told Katie. Janna was Jeremy's girlfriend since 2013. That means Janna and Jeremy had been known each other before Katie was in a relationship with Jeremy. All the time he was talking about his so-called sister is actually her girlfriend, Janna.

Can you imagine being in Katie's shoes? It was so painful. After she knew the truth, she confronts Jeremy but guesses what, he acted like he was the victim. What? That is the last time Katie being nice to Jeremy, she deleted all their conversation, blocked his social media, and never look back at that man again. What a Jerk!

There are a lot of nice guys out there. Don't be fool by sweet words.

Source - Anonymous 

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