The break-up stories

Okay, here are the stories about the break-up.

A woman who was in love with a man, who she thought would love her but she got stabbed in the back.  

It all started with teasing. But, first of all, let me introduce them, the woman named Katie and the man named was Jeremy. They were 4 years apart. The man was younger than the woman.
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In December 2014, Jeremy meets Katie for the first time on the party of their mutual friends. He was likely teasing Katie about everything she has done. It can't be denied because Katie is an easy-going person and cool about anything. While Jeremy seems like a caring person and likes to helps others. Well, that is what she thought about it at first.

Because Jeremy took care of Katie since their first meeting, and they exchange numbers. At some point, a woman likes it when a man cared for them. But, she thoughts, "he is too young for me" and afraid of doing a mistake. Furthermore, "It looks like he being nice to another girl also". 

Well, Katie is a very overthinking person and the type of person who follows her heart without any further investigation, then, she can't hold on to her feelings anymore, after a week, she tried to reach out to Jeremy and ask him, "Do you like me?". What a bold action. Then, Jeremy replied to her, "yes". Well, actually he said that he had a crush on her for the first time he meets with her. Then, they officially started to secretly dating. Just like that. What?!

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So, they started to date since the end of December 2014 until the day they called it off. Katie worked in the city, while Jeremy still stuck in his hometown. So, basically, she rarely can see Jeremy because of the work.

However, at the weekend, she always going back to her hometown, she stayed in her hometown to help her family. While Jeremy was staying at hometown, waiting for the answers of the application to further study. The distance between her house and Jeremy's house was not very far. Actually, she can drive to his house for about 15 minutes.

The relationship goes well, that what she thought. Until for almost 6 months, Jeremy started to show different behavior. Whenever she called, he always said that "It's so tiring", "I think I had a problem but I don't know how to settle it". He also said that he has a female friend (more like sisters), and those sisters always share their problems with Jeremy. He kind of telling Katies's about everything.

Because Katie is a grown-up woman and doesn't care much about these "sister" he been talking about. Besides, she doesn't want to be a very busy body person to whom he is with. She kind of doubt about what he been doing all along, but she kept it in a positive view. But, that is where the problem started.

In August 2015, Jeremy asked Katie to meet in person. So, he said that he needed time to think, he wanted to take a break for their relationship. He doesn't tell anything that was happening, and why, he just said that he wanted to focus on the study that he had applied for it. But, it still seems weird for Katie. So, Katie understands it, although she felt the pain in her heart. But still, she approved it, let's take a break. For the whole night, she's is crying none stop.

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It doesn't seem real for Katie because the reason was a blur and very weird. Out of sudden, he wanted to take a break? what about the time before? why now? Like I said, she is an overthinking person. Then, it does not take a week for Katie to find out the truth. It even hurts her so much until she was unable to face that man, Jeremy! It all went out when she was having a conversation with their mutual friend. Because their relationship was a secret, nobody knows about it. Then, their mutual friend slips of the tongue told her that Jeremy had a fight with her girlfriend, Janna.

Wait, Who? Janna? Who is that? 

It looks like, there was another woman who was being with him. And their mutual friend told her, Jeremy and Janna were in a relationship since 2013. What? Oh my Gosh! All the time he was talking about his so-called sister is actually her girlfriend. Katie was shocked with the news. "How can I be so stupid?" And another truth is, he has been cheated not only her but with other woman also. That's why his been stressing about the whole thing. She just being a toyed by a man who she thought cared about her.

Can you imagine being in Katie's shoes? It is so horrible, this woman trying to be loyal to her relationship, but instead, she's being toyed by a man. After she knew what was happening, she told Jeremy, but guess what, he acted like he was trapped by Katie. What? That is the last time Katie being nice to Jeremy, she deleted all their conversation, blocked his social media and never look back at that man even he begged her to get back. What a Jerk!

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