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My psycho ex-boyfriend part 2 - short stories 2020

"Hey, Darcy? have you heard of anything that happened to him?" - Sarah
"Who? That psycho man? I don't think so. I hope he gets caught by the police." - Darcy
"Yeah, me too, it's been a year and hasn't heard any news about him? Hope you'll be fine." - Sarah
"Don't worry, I'm safe here (laughing). Can't wait to see you again." - Sarah
"Yeah, me too. See you next week Sarah. Bye." - Darcy

I hung up the phone. It's been a year I haven't heard any news from Julian. Sarah's question had made my anxiety arise. I was sitting in a cafe while listening to music. I spoke to her, Sarah, about our coming back to College. But, I had a trauma event regarding what happened a year ago. It was a crazy freshmen year. Please, no drama this year, no more scene, please.
Two days before I go back to college, I packed up my clothes, and my things. My mother helps me with it. We talked a lot, and she knew what happened to my p…

Save money with Angkatopup Apps, download now!


  1. ANGKATOPUP is a system Topup and payment of bills that only available in Malaysia.
  2. The good thing is, you get a discount if you yourself are the agent or become an agent. Other than that, you are able to save money every time you top up your credit or pay your bills.

What is so special about ANGKATOPUP?

  1. No Expiry Date for modal credit.
  2. Android friendly user and connecting to printer Bluetooth.
  3. The transaction can be done by Telegram and Whatsaap.
  4. Good customer service and fast response.

What does ANGKATOPTUP Apps do?

  1. Pay your prepaid bills.
  2. Pay your utility bills.
  3. Also, provide soft-pin (buy a pin)
For more details, click HERE.

How to get started?

  • To be able to become an agent, you need an agent to activate your ID. So meaning, you must find an agent. The registration is as low as RM10 depending on who the agent is. 
  • After your number has been registered, download the Apps through Google Playstore. Click HERE.
  • Open the apps, click the First time login. You have to enter your mobile number (that you used as an agent) and create a password. And then, click Register.
Step 1
Step 2

  • After you had registered, you have to login again using the mobile number and password you had created. Choose Whatsapp. And you will get a notification.
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
  • After you had received the notification, you are officially an Agent top-up.
For more info, visit the Facebook page in the link

How to top-up credit?

The ANGKATOPUP is only available in three banks, MAYBANK, BANK ISLAM, and CIMB.

There are 3 ways you can do to add credit to your account, 
  1. FPX

After you had credited your account, the balance will be shown at the top right.

How to make a transaction?

To make a transaction is pretty easy, you choose what the product, enter the number of the person, and make a transaction. 

Once you have the transaction, you will get notified.

You can check how many profits you made for the whole month.

If you are interested in joining the team and become an agent top-up, kindly pm this number



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