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Since I was still a kid, my weight was always over the expectation of me. I was a big girl. At the age of 12, I was the biggest girl among all of my friends. I felt that I was their bodyguard 😂.

I didn't control what I eat, how many times the food was going through my mouth. I never felt full. I just like to eat. Until one point, I decided to change my lifestyle, which is to EAT HEALTHY AND LOSING SOME WEIGHT.

But, before I get to that destination. I just wanna tell you that, it took a lot of sacrifices, commitment, and discipline. But the most important was DISCIPLINE.

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In 2018, when I was still studying at the university, for the first time, I wanted to go for a medical checkup due to my health and my so-not-good eating habit. Luckily, the fee for a medical checkup for a student is not so expensive, but still, in around RM80 for a blood screening. 

I was 155 cm, and my weight at that time was 78 Kilogram, well, almost to 80 Kg to be exactly. Is it too superior, right?

By hearing the doctor said, I am too obese, and my level of cholesterol was high especially the LDL cholesterol. At my age in '20s at that time, it made me realize that, Oh no, I need to do something about this.

Next, due to my weight and body size, it is hard for me to look for clothes that fit me very well. I had to search for extra size 😂. It's so hard, seriously. And the other reason was when people mistake me for having a kid. LOL.

It's very humiliating, but as far as I know, this has been going in a year and so on, so, I am used to it. But still, I wanted to lose some weight. So, I did research on many articles on "How to lose weight fast?", "What to eat?", "10 best workouts" and many more. At the end of the day, I did nothing. LOL.


So, in 2019, I finally dare myself to go to the next level. Even, it only took a small amount of weight to lose for a year. I still had to do it. I took it seriously and discipline myself, to make a change. 

I made a plan, and I record it, every two weeks. Though I did skip a lot haha.

But, I still made from 78 Kg to 67 Kg in December 2019.

Still, a long way to go.


  1. I control my portion sizes and eat at the right time.

    Breakfast at 7.30 am.
    Lunch at 12.00 pm.
    Dinner at 6.30 pm.

    I reduce my portion size, and I follow rule 3S #SukuSukuSeparuh.
  2. Control what you eat and stay hydrated

    No junk food.
    No carbonated drink.
    No sweats drink and food.

    More vegetables.
    More Fruits.
    More food enriched with Protein.

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  3. Be active and stay fit

    Jogging routine every weekday from 5.00pm until 5.30pm.
    Workout routine every weekday from 5.30pm until 6.00pm.
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