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In 2014, I started to write a blog when I was still a student, but, at that time, I was not so serious about blogging, and I didn't know why people started to blog.

So, after a year, I shut down my blog. 

After five years had passed, I build up my blog again as a fresh starter, which is last year. 

Little that I know, there's more I learn as being a blogger, it's not just writing your personal point of view, or giving a tutorial and other informative articles, but also, you can turn your hobby into earning some money.

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I am not blogger expertise. So, if I had written the wrong idea about blogging, please do comment on your thoughts on these posts.

I consider myself a fresh starter blogger, so, here are the top 5 things that I learned as a blogger.

1)    I can make money

People do have so many reasons why they started a blog. And, one of the famous reasons was, to started making money. A blog is not only an online journal but it also where people search for information on how-to-do, DIY, cooking channel, and more. The more people came to your blog, the more chances for you to earn some money.

2)    Pinterest

For the first time, I started a blog, I'm afraid to share my blog on my media social. But, you don't have to worry, you can run your blog without your friend or family knows about it. To start a blog, you had to choose one platform that you can focus on to share your blog content. Pinterest is the best social media for bloggers. 

3)    The value of having a good relationship

Having a good circle surrounds you would probably help to get your blog traffic. When I started my blogging, one thing that came out of my mind is by building my circle, getting along with other bloggers. You need more people and expand your circle. 

4)   Don't make blogging your full-time job. 

This might sound silly. But, don't get confused. You can make blogging your full-time job if you already secure your blog. If you had tonnes of traffic, and you do well in your blog, then you might get paid double your work salary. However, for a fresh starter in blogger, don't put a blog as your full-time job. Don't expect that you will get a lot of money from the first two months you started a blog. Some will take more than a year to be successful in the blog.

5)    Consistency and being discipline

It's really hard to be consistent about what you are doing. When I started to blog, I always think that I don't have time to write a blog. But, the truth is, we all had a time of doing something, it just the way how we organize our plan. In blogging, I learned that it's really important for being consistent. You don't want to be a blogger who posted every day for three months and disappeared for the next three months. Being consistent is the key, and consistency came from discipline. 

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