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The lies within you - Short stories 2021 (Part 1)

"Tell me more about yourself." Benedict. "You will get to know about me sooner. " Suzy. The first meeting Every Friday, we had a colleague's after-work meeting at a restaurant. At that time, Johnson, one of my best friends, had no transport to going back to his house. So, he rode with me. On the way to his house, about 20 minutes from the restaurant, he talked to me about introducing me to someone, but I rejected it. But I guess he won't give up. The following day, he came to my desk and show me the picture of a woman, a mutual friend of her wife. Honestly, she looked pretty, so I think I'm interested. I asked for her number. Instead, he gave me her Facebook. So, I tried to approach her through the messenger. But first, I checked out her Facebook and noticed she really is a classy woman. Yup, she's my type. Luckily she accepted my request, so we were getting to know through Facebook messenger. We were having a chat for about a month to learn more ab

20 Inspiring Jack Ma Quotes about success in life -

See, Write, and Post-it. Our eyes see and record every memory that goes on in life. Jack Ma is a Chinese business magnate, investor, and philanthropist. A co-founder and former executive chairman of Alibaba Group. He also inspired people around the world due to his motivational speech. Here are some of his inspiring quote speech about success in life. 20 Inspiring Quotes by Jack Ma Believe in your dream; work on this day and night. If you have never tried, how will you ever know if there's any chance? Once in your life, try something. Work hard at something. Try to change. Nothing wrong can happen. 30% of all people will never believe you. Do not allow your colleagues and employees to work for you. Instead, let them work for a common goal. The significant thing you should have is patience. Today is cruel, tomorrow is more brutal, and the day after tomorrow is beautiful. Stay hungry and follow your dreams. You should learn from your competitor but never copy. Copy, and you die. If y

Living with depression - Breakthrough and lives

See, Write, and Post-it. Our eyes see and record every memory that goes on in life. First of all, let's get the facts!  Depression is a common mental disorder. Globally, more than 264 million people of all ages suffer from depression. Depression is a leading cause of disability worldwide and is a significant contributor to the overall global burden of disease. More women are affected by depression than men. Depression can lead to suicide. There are effective psychological and pharmacological treatments for moderate and severe depression. Sources: World Health Organization Website Everything was perfect within the years. I can remember I have a good living even I don't have anything back then. I have a good memory of childhood even I know that my life wasn't perfect and life isn't stressful like now. When I was still a kid, I remember how big is my world; it as if the world is ours to play within. Kid memories were filled with a happy moment.  Read also:  There's hop

How to start organizing again? |

See, Write, and Post-it. Our eyes see and record every memory that goes on in life. I am trying to be an organised person, but sometimes it's tough to organise my daily routine. Read also: How to be an organised person? | I've been followed every tip and the right way to be more productive. Sometimes, there are one day or two days a week, or even the whole week, where I had to cancel a plan or completely just do everything without plan B. In other words, I just go on through my days without any plan ahead and doing all sort of thing on the spot. And sometimes I felt like it is so messy in my head, like I don't know what I want to do. At that time, I realise that it is so important to be organised. We all were not born naturally as an organised person, it was build from the habit and practices.  So, how to start organising? How to start organising again for 2021? 1. Write things down The first step, none other than anything, is writing down on a small not