The introvert diary |

I'm not really sure if I was an introverted person but sometimes my other personalities would be considered as an introverted person. So, I guess I am an introvert. What an introvert really feels towards this extrovert world? But again, it's not happened to everyone's life since everyone had their own experience on what it really feels like as an introvert.

As an introverted person, sometimes I was the first person who said 'hi' to a new friend. Well, that sometimes turns into awkwardness. I don't really like to talk with a new person. People might misunderstand that we being unfriendly. But, the truth is it hard to start even a word to other people or it just you don't have anything to say. 

Before I go further with this journal, here is little information about the INTROVERT.
  • Introverts hate parties
  • Introverts are highly sensitive 
  • Introverts don't like to draw attention to themselves
  • Introverts have nothing to say
  • Introverts are most likely to be depressed
An introvert doesn't really hate the parties. It's not about hating, they just felt uncomfortable with crowded people. They wanted a space just for themselves. Since most introverted people are reserved people, they tend to feel comfortable with themselves or being around a close friend. Being in such a big event might turn them uncomfortable.

Living with that introverted personality, might seems hard because you had to adjust to the extreme world. The world outside is crazy, added with different people who had different personalities. To cope with that condition really pushed that introverted personalities to be outside of their world.

Most people with introverted personalities had difficulties trusting another person. They had trust issues. They might have 1,000 friendliest but they only opened themselves to several people and yet not every 'several people' were included as their close friend. But that doesn't mean they don't know how to make a friend.

Some of the introverts like it when it's raining. I guess because the environment itself makes them felt so calm or because of the sound of rain. And of course, most introverts are creative people. They like to draw but most of it, like to write. That can be their therapeutic ways to express themselves.

Talking about cooperation. Introverts really like to work alone. This sounds so not good, because in everything especially work, you have to build teamwork. Well, introverts prefer to work on themselves. But, don't be too fast to judge, they might like to work alone but I'm pretty sure they respect others too and will try to cope with others. And again, it depends on that person.

In general, introverts are so different from extroverts, obviously. But, that doesn't mean that both can't be together. We might live with different personalities, but that's okay and always be okay. It doesn't matter if you had an introverted personality or an extroverted personality because in the end you still living like a normal person.

 All I can say is, embrace that uniqueness in yourself. When you felt like people don't understand you, don't get to attached to that feeling, because in this world, it's not all about you alone, there's a lot of people that had the same personalities as you, and your not the only one. 

An introvert is beautiful.