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    The Oak Garden Building | Short Story 2021

    As I gaze out my window at the sky while watching my children sleep,  the brisk winds remind me of a building that I once lived in,  wherein I saw, sensed, and were horrified,  an encounter with which I'm not comfortable speaking.  Fortunately, everything turned up okay. My name is Herman, but my friends called me Er, and the following is a story of what occurred to me 23 years ago. I have had a passion for writing since a kid. Now my guardian thinks I can go even farther. Consequently, they help me submit an authorship application and enrol in further linguistic, writing, and journalistic courses. Little did I realise that I'd be given a job to help me improve my abilities while simultaneously taking part-time writing courses to support my income. I was a young twenty-year-old at the time. Too young, yet inquisitive and willing to try new things. As a young author, the chance pushed me to go outside my comfort zone and acquire essential experience.  Pay attention to the sound

    3 reasons why you should not compare yourself with anyone |

    We always heard that comparison is a thief of joy. It's indeed some sort of diseases that ruin someone's progress when they compare too much of the limit.

    Remembering what a long journey you had gone to achieve at a certain level. It took a lot of struggle and time consuming; Some even had to take out some money. 

    In certain circumstances, the feeling of being left far behind was always haunting their mind. They never felt enough with their own self. It's kind of saddening. 

    And because of that, they often compare themselves because they never felt enough about what they had. Often, we want to be like the person we aim to satisfy our own feeling. 

    That is not good; it's torturing. Why should we compare ourselves with anyone else if we know that we have a different way of living? It's normal to compare with others, but at some point, we just need to be grateful for what we have. 

    Therefore, at this time, there are 101 reasons for us to not comparing ourselves with anyone. Let just focus on 3 essential things for not comparing yourself with anyone.

    Here are 3 good reasons why you should not compare yourself with anyone.

    3 reasons why you should not compare yourself with anyone |

    3 reasons why you should not compare yourself with anyone

    1. You are worthy enough.

    The words worthy defines as a value. You had a value. No matter what emotion you are right now, you are valuable. Why? Because we are human beings. And every human being deserves to be worth enough. Though we know that we are not perfect in certain things or get ugly or get mad, we are still worthy. Mistakes can be made repeatedly, but if we rise up and do something, it's nothing compared to any feels in this world. 

    Comparing yourself to anyone makes you feel pressure because you see what best on the other instead of yourself, and you feel bad about yourself. Remember that each of us had a unique personality and timeline; we are worthy enough for whatever circumstances we are. Stop compare and live. 

    2. Nobody is perfect.

    Who is the best among the best? Or who is placed number one? That question often troubled us because we wanted to always be perfect in anyways. Let's be reminded that anyone can be better than you are, no matter how perfect you are. Same with the comparison, always have the rivalry between the best among the best. The point is, everybody is not perfect. 

    We had flaws; we had limited things that we can't do. Thus, it perfectly shows how imperfectly we are. And that's totally fine to live that way because you have less expectation of comparing yourself. Realising that everyone had their own ability and way of living.

    3. Life is only temporary.

    Nothing is permanent. Someday we get old, and we died. So, what the purpose of comparing ourselves with others? Indeed, some people are lucky enough to have everything in their life, wealth, pleasure, work, and luxury. In fact, I do get jealous of them. But, what the point of being jealous of it if we know that it is only temporary. 

    We should be grateful every day, even if you don't have anything compare to other. Because you never know what would happen in the future. Though you had nothing, you should grateful and do kind anyway, because life is only temporary.


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    20 Psychology Facts about Depression -

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