How to deal with people who don't like you?

Have you ever walk out of your door and then suddenly you felt like wanted to enter your room again, because you feel awkward and sense that people hated you for no reason? or is it only by your feeling? Or have you ever fell like everyone hated you, no matter what you do, either it's good or bad.

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Yesterday, I attended an event at someone's house. At the corner of the house, I saw someone looking straight at me as I was doing something that irrelevant. It's odd and making me feel uncomfortable, as I think, did I done something wrong? Is my T-shirt was torn? or what? I felt like I've been blamed for something that I didn't do 😵.

So, the fact that I didn't do any wrong, but people just like to tests your psychology and it felt so irritating.

Therefore, I am giving you all the tips on how to deal with a person that hated you for no reason.

4 simple tips on how to deal with a person who hated you for no reason

1) Act like you don't know

It sounds so cruel but that is the best action you can do when someone showed you how they dislike you. It's not being disrespectful but rather than you hold the grudge inside your heart, it is better to act like you don't know. Less drama than less trouble.

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2) Try to confront them

I know this makes no sense, how can I confront them if I was asked to act like you don't know anything? Well, at the same time you act like you don't know, you should confront them. I have done this many times before. It satisfied me because I like to see their reaction. Though I know the person whom I talk to do not like me, at least, I tried to speak with them, and my awkwardness was lesser than before. Stop being intimidated all the time.
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3) Try to focus on positive site

It is so hard to be positive because of being hated for no reason. I have been in a situation on how to focus on the positive vibes and it is so hard. One of my way to focus on the positive vibe is by doing a thing that I like the most, like writing and workout. Or even hang out with my friends and talk about my problem with them. By doing so, you will less focus on people who dislike you.

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4) Just be yourself

Don't ever change the way you like about yourself if someone dislikes you. I notice that most people either they were young or old, they tend to change themselves just to be accepted by people. There were people who can accept you and they were not. But, it is such a waste to change yourself in order to be like by others. Let people like you for who you are, and let the haters think about whatever they want. The best people will stay with you.

Being hate by people could be painful, but we understand that not everyone will like you, so, just live your life with the people who appreciate you. Enjoy every moment and let the people who dislike you judge you or whatever, just remember that out of people who dislike you, there are also people who like you for who you are.


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