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To beautiful you - short stories 2020

“You look pretty in that dress” – Anonymous.I had a crush with one girl. I love to see her smile. I like how she dresses, how she tied her hair. She looks so cute. I always teased her look, teased how she was talking, but no one knew that I had the crush on her.Are you wondering how long I had known her? We know each other since we were a little kid. Our parents had a good relationship, for almost 20 years. She’s my best female friend in my hometown. She always came to help me when I was bullied. Since then, we’ve been a friend since we were 9 years old.Never had in my thought that I would have a crush with my best friend. But, that is possible, right?We’ve entered the same school since we still in primary school and up until now, we still entered the same college, same universities, but she was in her ballet classroom and I was more into social studies. Our faculties were apart, but when we had time, we would meet. As our relationship as a friend grow longer, and we became older, I r…

10 signs he is the right one

Dating can be quiet scary. You don't know what would happen in the future. Some have been together for 10 years but eventually split up. Therefore, to have a serious relationship is to know that he is the right one for you. But how? Here are some signs that he is right for you.

10 Signs that he is the right one for you:

1) You can communicate well with him.

Often we heard that communication is the key to a successful relationship. If you can't communicate well with him, what is the point of being together?  By communicating, you were able to express all of your feeling towards him.

2) He gets along with your friends and family.

Of course, you would like him to get along with your parents, sister, brother, relatives, and your friends. If your parents, siblings, and friends were not so sure about your relationship, listen to them. Ask for their opinion. That means something is not right about him or something bothering them about your relationship.

3) You are comfortable with him.

And yes, the signs that he is the right one for you is when you are able to be yourself in front of him. It is not about how much you put your make up on. It's either how you act in front of him, you are comfortable because he understands and accepts the way you are. You can easily speak up your mind, and he can blend with you. There is chemistry between you and him.

4) He can accept the way you are.

No matter how many flaws you have, what you look with or without makeup he accepts you the way you are. 

5) He respects you well.

He respects you as a woman. He understands and makes the best out of him. He will not ask for sex or touching your body for his satisfaction only. He respects you and loving you for who you are.

6) You trusted him and he showed you that he dependables. 

The next sign is when he shows you that he is a very trustworthy person. You trust him, and he appreciates you as his partner. He paid back your trust by appreciating you, respects you and keeps believing with each other.

7) He sacrifices his time for you.

Trust me, when a guy spends his time for you, to listen to what you're going to say, to see whether you are in good condition without you telling him to do so, marry that guy. 

8) You survived a long-distance relationship.

For a long-distance relationship, you need to trust each other. If he ever believes and still hangs on to you, waiting for you, that is the sign that he is the right one.

9) He works hard.

Of course, it's hard for us to see whether he is really working hard. But, if it ever happens while he works hard, but still he can make you as his priority, don't let go of that man.

10) He wants to marry you.

A man is very serious when he said he wanted to marry you. 

Here we are, the 10 signs show that he is the right one. I hope you find the right man in your life.