We don't judge too quickly

Have you ever been in a situation where you judge people too soon after seeing them for the first time? or judging other people by the story told to you? Admit it, we all been in that situation. We judge too quickly even we don't know the truth of it.

Yeah, we heard about people's background and we thought that it is true. But, when coming to explore the truthness of someone, we can't differentiate it. Sometimes, what is told is true, but somehow it seems like not at all. Therefore, to know the truth of it, befriend them.

Befriend can be so hard because you still in adjustment to know about them. Especially if you first know about them, you feel awkward around them. It's nothing wrong with it, one of the methods for you to face the reality of your own fear is by facing them. Therefore, let's broke that awkwardness by facing it.

Somehow, we are the one that got judge by other people. The same situation here, except we are the ones who were being focused. We know we are imperfectly made, and making mistake over and over again. But, that doesn't mean that we live full of lies. Some part of us were still loved by others. Let people befriend you and let them see, the real you.

It becomes a trend of becoming a judge for someone else's. I once believe that the word spread on a person was true. But, after I try to know them more, I know that they are good. Even they had the bad sides, but that doesn't feel right for us to quickly judge and labeled them of something. 

Judging would hurt someone's else feels. As we can see, the world is spread with negativity comments to poison the human mind. I am not a good person, neither a humble or good with the word. But, we do know that to know that person's life, you had to befriend them. Know them better and accepts both shortcomings. We can't judge anyone too quickly because we all are human beings, have felt, have a soul and have life.


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