How to spend your boring day?

Boresome is something we all experienced with. Especially when we were at home and had nothing to do. Of course, we had a lot of things came out from our mind to do something we good at it. But, somehow, it just so boring and we actually don't know what to do.

5 things to do when you are bored

We should know that we all had different hobbies and different abilities at some point. Being able to do a thing for a day is not everybody was into. Some were just wanted to take a rest for the whole day, sleeping, and go outside the home to see what actually they could do. Nevertheless, here are the things that you can actually do to spend your boring day.

1) Go bake a cake

Well, this is not everybody taste. But, able to spend your day with just finding recipes and tried it out is something you can actually spend your boring day. Without looking at how that cake will look, spending your day by learning to bake a cake will not only build up your bake skills but also make you felt like you good at something.

2) Go run an errand

Instead of trapped in the house, go outside to run some errand for your house or your needs. Go see something that happens in your surroundings. Stop by at some stores, walk by or just going outside for about 30 minutes and feel tired all of the sudden to make your days feel not empty.

3) Watch a movie

Grab your remotes, and watch news or movie that can brighten your day at home. Sometimes, the best thing you can do to spend your boring day is to watch a movie the whole day, spends episodes for your Korean drama, or any Netflix movie.

4) Help your parents

Little that we know, helping parents at home can actually boost your mood. Instead of sitting at home and doing nothing, helping your parents can make you feel better.

5) Workout or jogging

Well, not everybody was interested in a workout session or excreted some sweets. The workout is not only helping to improve your fitness but can also boost up your health. Although sometimes, a workout can be so tiresome, and we hated it because not everybody was into it. Spend your boring day with workout could possibly make you fill the boredness.


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