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I saw my friend's doppelganger | Short story 2020

This story happened seven years ago when I was still a student at College. It all started in May during a mid-term break. All the students supposed to go back to their hometown, but I choose to stay during the mid-term break. It was a three month holiday. I had a lot of assignments during the mid-semester break and luckily, my rent house was not far away from the College. So, I choose to stay during that semester break.

I was staying with my friend, Angel, we’re both stay at that house at that time. She is a very happy-go-lucky person, very talkative, and always supportive through any events that I joined. So, while we had time at our rent house, we spent our time together, walk by the river, and get to know more about each other. We had so much fun. We just bought that rent house a month ago.

For about a month, we do the same routine over and over again. However, after a while, something strange happened. It all started with a dream. Our bed was facing each other. In my dream, I was astonished. I was about to get my drinking water at my desk. Then, I look at my right side. I saw my friend was sobbing out of nowhere. That place was dark. I called her name and she looks at me. But, she didn’t have any face. Then, I was startled from the dream and suddenly woke up. I’m about to pass out.

The next day, I told her about the dream, all she does is just laughing. I told her I’m being serious but she just said that I must be thinking too much. I’m a bit frustrated. I still believe that dreams were trying to tell me about something. It hasn’t been 3 weeks since we were staying at the rent house and something odd was happening.

In week 2, again, I am dreaming about the same thing, however, this time, the person that sitting on the chair wasn’t my friend, it was another person. I woke up from that dream, my heart was racing fast. Then, I was about to run to my friend to tell her about that dream, but she was just sitting there. She was crying on the phone it was 6.00 in the morning. She hung up the phone and hug me. I can felt her sadness, after a second she told me that her mother passes away and she had to go back to her hometown at that time. Then, I remembered that the faceless her in my dream was sobbing at that time.

I didn’t want her to go, because I get scared after what happening in my dream. But, because it is a family matter, she has to go. During that night, when I was alone, I feel eerie as I feel someone was watching me in that house. I turn on all the lamps so that I don’t feel scared. However, I can’t sleep at all.

Suddenly, I felt so strange as I walk into my room, I lean on my bed and I saw someone was passing the door. I definitely saw someone. Then, I called her name but no one was answering. I go to the main room no one was there. As well as the kitchen and the bathroom, there is no one there. My fear then arose. 

As I enter the room, I heard someone was sobbing near my bed, but there was no one there. It feels weird. I lean again on my bed, this time, I was shocked, I saw a shadow was watching me from that door. It looks like Angel. Chills all over my spine, I asked myself, How can Angel be here? I tried to call my other friends, Hana. Luckily she was near the college at that time to do her assignment.

I waited in my room with a closeted blanket. I can still see the shadow of that person standing at the door. For about 10 minutes, someone was honking at the outside. I bet that was my friend. As I slowly opened my eyes from the blanket, the shadow disappeared. I grab my wallet, house key, and the phone and turn off all the main electricity and run like someone been chased a dog to my friend’s car.

Hana was overwhelmed and I didn’t say a word until we arrived at her house, which is an hour later. There, I told her everything that I see, what I dream and all of sudden make me realize that I am not alone in that house. She then asked her parents to let me stay in her home.

The next day, I and Hana go to the owner of the property and ask them what happening at that house, I told them everything, and finally, they told us the truth. A long time ago, before the land was sold to the owner, that place is placed for a sacrificed ritual run by the unidentified organization. A lot of people had experienced the same thing as me. None of the people lasted there for one month. At the same time, I was so angry and disappointed with the owner.

The owner then apologizes to me and my friend, Angel for not telling us the truth. We get the refund back, and finally, find another property to stay. As for the lesson, we should search the background of that property before agreeing to something that you are still unsure.

Source: Anonymous

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