Make money using your phone in 2020

Make money using your phone in 2020

By 2020, many people were looking for extra income to help to increase their income. However, many are still unaware that there are apps that can generate money for you. 

Readward official platform provides cash to help you develop a reading habit. Cashzine or readward is a free app designed for mobile phone users to read the news, do tasks and earn cash. During the process of reading, the platform provides allowance and bonus, which forms as the In-App coins to encourage users a developing a good reading habit. Users can exchange In-App coins for cash at any time.

Many people have been making money from Cashzine apps, and some are earning over RM100 in just a day by using this mobile phone app. All you have to do is read the article and share it.

At first, I thought this app was a scam. I found these apps trough testimony from Facebook Group, and I was interested to know more about it. Therefore, I installed it on my phone, and it has been proven that this application can make money.

How to register Cashzine account?

Cashzine is an application that can generate income by reading an article or share it.

  1. Download Cashzine apps on Google Playstore > CLICK HERE <
  2. Next, once you downloaded the apps, register immediately. You can either use email or your phone number to sign up. For email, check your spam email if it did not show in the inbox. 
  3. After you had signed up, enter the invitation code 1353548. Automatically, your cashzine account will have 8000 coins equal to RM0.80.

How to make money with Cashzine?

  1. Click "Offers", scroll down or find any article that you feel interesting and click on that article. Every 30 seconds you will get 50 coins. And if you shared the article, and people were reading the blog, you will get 200 or 300 coins per one reading.

How to share the article from Cashzine?

One of the ways for you to share the article from cashzine is by share it with the Facebook group/feeds, Whatsapp chat/status, telegram or any other social media platform.

If you had enough 10,000 coins, you can Cashout to RM1.00
If you had 300,000 coins, you can Cashout to RM30.00.
If you had 500,000 coins, you can Cashout to RM50.00.


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