Thank you, I love you - Confession part 1

"I'm happy for you while feeling unhappy that I'm not your author of happiness" 

Life is funny, how it starts and how it will end, so does the relationship. I'm Zack, I had a crush on this girl, Athalia. She is funny, kind and brilliant. I know her while we were still in high school. 

Photo by Elle Hughes
For the first time we meet, I've felt like I have known her for a long time. She was really a nice girl to go out with, not bored at all, always had a story and friendly. I kind of like her, I like her attitude, I like how she speaks, the gesture of her hand, the way she smiles. The more we get to know each other, the more I like her. 

But, there's is one problem. I have never been with any girl, a beautiful girl like her and I am kind of nerd. I was not confident with myself. I was bullied since I was still a kindergarten, and now I am 18 years old, I still got mock by my colleagues. 

Athalia was the only friend who wanted to befriend me. We both were assigned to be in group for a project. For the first time we met, I thought she never wanted to hang out with a boy, nerdy, spectacles and a thin-looking guy like me. I was wrong. She is not like another girl, she just, sweet, and generous and that what makes me like her.

I was shy at first, but she is the one who talks a lot, and the only one who treats me like I exist. The others? they just bullied me, ask me to do their assignment, ask me to go to the teacher and being the third wheel. For a second I wish I can be an invisible person.

But, when I am with Athalia, I am so happy. Until one day, I know the truth about Athalia. She had a boyfriend. Her boyfriend is a rugby player of the school, first-class student, good looking and too popular? 

Photo by Pexels
Knowing the truth, makes me felt awkward with Athalia because I like her. Comparing myself to Athalia's boyfriend would probably embarrass me. So, I did what I did. I tried to act like nothing is happened. I am the one who felt awkward with Athalia, she's not. She still treats me the same.

Oh no, I was really embarrassed about it.

Luckily, everything seems fine. Although I get bullied a lot, I still graduated from high school. Oh man, I really wanted to get away from that school, but I will never forget one of my memoir with Athalia. A companion that I will never forget about. High school, Done!


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