Thank you, I love you - Confession Part 3 (Ending)

I saw her again, the girl I had been crush since high school. She's even prettier now. I can tell she's kind of hot. I should pick her as my personal assistant. Yes, I had set it. She will be the one.

But, something funny, I don't think she knows me. Maybe because I turn into a good looking guy. I guess.

Oh, that time when I was interviewing her, I asked her many questions, including married, previous job, and is she is in any relationship with anyone. Well, I don't want her to do the same thing as the previous worker.

She said she hadn't married yet, that's a good thing for me. So, the next week I asked her to immediately start working. It's not fair for the other candidates, I know that. But, I am the boss.

Well, she did come, in a pretty dress, nice makeup and the most beautiful girl I see in the office.
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She works at my company for about one month now. She still hasn't recognized me. That's a good thing, I can search deeper about her life. I am not a stalker, I am just curious,

So, we get to know again, but this time as we were adults, and I am a bit different than before. So, we talk, and share everything, little that we know, we were going into deeper than we thought. We were adults, and she is just so attractive that I can't hold myself.

Just about a month, we were getting closer just like old times.

Then, well, I kind of like it. I am a man, and a man can't withstand if the girl is trying to seduce the man. Yes, she did that. She's different than her old self like I used to know her years ago. But, It didn't bother me. We kept it a secret.

Yes, we were doing the things that I banned my staff to do. But, I don't care because I like it very much.

After three months, we have this secretive scandalous. But, yet something that bothers me a lot hits me. Real hard.

During our holiday, just me and her, going to Bali, Indonesia. She left her phone, on our table, I didn't know what is her password. But, I saw the name popped out from the screen. It showed "Honey", he was asking about her holiday with her co-worker. I also saw a missed call, and a video called unanswered, What the heck?!
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I was about to get angry during our holiday but I can't do that, because we were still in Bali. So, what I did? I ask the hotel manager to check us out that day. I buy a ticket airplane, on that night, so we left that evening. I didn't tell her anything, I just asked her to grab her things and we get out as soon as possible.

A few hours, we arrived in Malaysia. At the airport, I asked her to get a taxi and go home by herself. I was mad at that time, I didn't explain anything. Until the next day, she came to my office and asked What the hell did he just do? I shout at her again, I told her, she's a bitch. Well, she silent herself. We both do.

I think the whole company heard us. It's embarrassing. Really. I asked her again, with a slow tone, why did she lie? Then, the tears came out. She said she wanted to marry a rich man, and the man she married just now turn out to be so poor, and she had to do all the job. Yes, it's kind of sad but that doesn't mean she can do that to her poor husband.

She begged me to forgive her and take her back. Well, I don't want to do that. I have to be fair, so, I fired her. Damn, I am really a gangster.

But, the truth is I do feel sad a little, because I do love her, but she lied, she is never the same as before. The only thing I can say to her was Thank You for making memories. She hasn't know who I was. LoL, I think that is better for her.

Well, thank you for the memories, Athalia.


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