The reason, I choose you - Valentine's story

Everyone wanted to have a sweet, romantic and beautiful love story. Achieve that relationship goal, marrying the right guy and spending the whole life with the right person. Most of the people wishing to had that dream to become true. Yes, indeed. But, having just an ordinary person is more than enough.

The reasons, I choose you ~ by anonymous

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"For years, I had a crush with Samuel. Since I was still in high school, I remembered seeing him during one of the best moments of my sister's wedding. I saw him wearing simple clothes, yet a very entertaining person and that one time I saw him being funny with his friends. I don't know what is the reason, but surely I know that I was into that person."

Well, I, Dell, do like what other girls would do, I kept it as a secret. I was being a secret admire to Samuel for a long time. We were best friends since we're kids. That's kind of amusing because when you know you like that person, and when that person gets near to you, your heartbeat beating so fast. And luckily, at that time, no one knew what is my secret.

But, unfortunately, my secret was exposed not long after. I don't know how the stories spreading so fast until one of my best friends knows about it. Well, honestly, I felt so embarrassed but l do like it a little because she started teasing me about him. What a shame, Dell.

The secret, it just between me and my close best friend.

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My best-friend, Olla, told me that I should tell him, tell that I like him. But, I was so scared. I'm scared that he will reject me, and I am not ready for a heartbroken feeling. But, later than, I gain the courage to ask him. I am planning to tell him, face-to-face during recess at school. But, it is so embarrassing. Something happened. While I was about to tell him, his friends came and surprise him, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!". Oh, I didn't know that it is his birthday. This is so embarrassing.

What was that you want to tell me?, He asked. With a red face, I said "Happy Birthday". That didn't go well.

Time flies so fast, it almost the end of the year. I still haven't told him about my feels towards him. When will I get the chance to tell him?

So, during Christmas, 25th December 2010, I came up with a plan to gave him a present. I texted him, Let's meet after this. There's it. I finally, had the courage to tell him. With a shaken of my hand, I gave him this small notebook, I was nervously to see him read that notebook. At first, he read it out loud, I was about to faint scared the hell out people hearing what I wrote. Oh my gosh! That's really embarrassing. I don't even know how many times he tried to humiliate me. But, soon, the sound of him getting slow and then, muted. Then, he sat and smiled.

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"Its Christmas, and somehow we all getting our own path soon or later. Thank you for being my friends all this year and year before this. But, before that, I wanted to tell you about something. In the last session of our school, I wanted to tell you about that, but, it does not go well. But, hear me now, I think this is the perfect day for me to say it to you. Samuel, I like you. I like you a lot, not as a brother. I can't tell you what is the reason for that. Whenever I saw you, my heart was beating so fast. I can't tell you the reasons, but if we go along with the journey. I bet you, I tell you everything about what I was really into you. Your my best friend, and I like you, I had a crush for you. For so long. Merry Christmas Samuel."

Then, he closed the notebook. And he said the last word out loud, "Let's start date!" I burst into a laugh. I can't stand this comedian. But, then, he stands up and smiles while looking at me. "Thank you, Dell. Merry Christmas. This is our official date, on 25th December 2010." Oh, only God knows what my reaction. We shake our hands, as we did an official agreement. Truthfully, I was so happy.

Years pass by years, and we had our conflicts, ups, and downs, disagreement and all of sort things couple do. But, all of that, we manage to stay together until now. 10 years seems so long, but I didn't know that this year would give me so much meaning of the reasons to love somebody not just looking for outer appearance.

After so long, people asked me, what is the reason,?

I can give so many reasons why I choose him, though he always makes fun of me and saying unnecessary things. A Lil bit clumsy and no sense of fashion. Duh, but, one of my favorites was, I still choose him, because he taught me to see the perfect things in every imperfect person.

These posts(The reason, I choose you) are a work of fiction based on the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual events, locale, or persons, living or dead, is coincidental. Happy Valentine's day.


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