How to post your first blog on

How to post your first blog on

Let start again. What is Blogspot? What does it do?

A Blogspot is a platform to publish a free blog. You write a story or share your opinion or whatsoever and publish it for free. You will not charge for anything unless you purchase something from it.

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Step by step for posting your first post.

  1. Create a Blog. Before you get started, make sure you had a blog. Well, to be honest, it's much easier to start a blog as a newbie in So, if you wanted to know how to create a blog, click HERE.
  2. Set up your Blog. After you had created your Blog, you will see your Dashboard like the picture below. Go to Setting → Basic → Edit on Title and Address.


    Step 1 - Pick a title for your Blog. You can pick your title based on what your blog was about. It can be edited and change every time you want to.

    Step 2 - Pick addresses for your Blog. The address is a subdomain for a blog, "". So, the could not be removed unless you purchase another domain. Same as the title, your address can also be changed anytime.

    Step 3 - Choose your theme.
    Although you had chosen your theme earlier at creating your Blog, you still can change the theme at any time. But, there are not many themes available in Oops.

    Step 4 - Choose your layout.
    A layout includes the HTML for a basic webpage structure and allows you to provide your own content.

    Step 5 - Add a page.
    What is a page? A page is not the same as the post in blogs. A post is what you post every day or every week. A page on blogs is normally used for information that you want to share with your readers, such as About me, Disclaimer, Contact me, Home and so on.


    3. Publish your first Blog.
To publish your first blog, you should have a title and the content.

Blogspot is a friendly Blogger tool and easy to use compared to Wordpress. It's easy to understand and easy to handle.

After you had created a post, you can click on the "Publish" button. There you are, it's settled. If you wanted to check your blog, you can click on the top right "View your Blog".

I hope you can start your Blog in an easy step. 

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