How to start a free blog on blogspot? -

Having a Blog is a starter for you to expand your writing skills and if you diligently post good info and interesting stories, you can earn some money from it.

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Before we go deeper into How to start a free blog on this is the list of another blogging platform. Some blogging platforms needed you to make an initial investment for creating a blog.


Why choose

To start as a newbie blogger, choose blogging platforms where you don't have to invest money in it. My suggestion would be or However, to pick between the two, as a beginner, I would probably pick Blogspot because it is a simple free blog, easy to get started with but it does have limitations.

Step-by-step for creating a free blog on Blogspot:

1) Sign-in to Blogger

First of all, head over to and log in using your Google account. Create your Gmail account.

Once you are logged in, click on "Create Your Blog".

2) Pick up a name for your blog

Add the title of your blog and select your domain (Address). After you have a name for your blog and had selected the domain, picked the theme then click "Create blog!".

3) You had created a New Blog!

Here you are, your first step on opened a blog on You now can start to publish your first post.


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