At the top of Mount Kinabalu story of 2011

It was 9 years ago, where I joined a group of the team to go hiking at the top of Mount Kinabalu. I have to tell you the truth, it's not easy but it satisfies you. I am 19 years old at that time and knowing that I'll conquer the highest mountain in Sabah at that time probably not included in my bucket lists. Well, who would think that I'll be able to go there?

Nonetheless, it is such great experiences and honestly, I'm not just getting the fact that I'll be able to walk through that pain, but the greatest achievement I had is when I know the meaning of NEVER GIVE UP. But, before I get into a deeper story, the pain, the things that I had learned throughout the journey, I just want to give several tips on what to prepare and what is my preparation before the day we hike the Mount Kinabalu.

So, here we are (but, I think there's more than this, I guess the others are at the back) 2011

What did I prepare, clothing, food, money?

Well, to make a thing become simple, do your checklist. The first thing I do was list the important thing, what is the most important thing you bring when you go hiking? - backpacks, windbreakers, shoes, bodywarmer (depends on you), snow cap, stick (but also, you can rent at the registration RM10/person), torchlight, bottled water, enough clothes, phone/camera, some foods, enough money, first aid, and toiletries. Then, list the quantity.
  1. Backpacks x1 (you only need 1, don't bother yourself).
  2. Windbreaker x1 
  3. Shoes x1
  4. Bodywarmer (depends on you)
  5. Snowcap x1
  6. Stick (you can rent at the registration)
  7. Torchlight @ Head torchlight x1 
  8. Bottled water x1 (There's water at every station, so you don't need to bring a lot)
  9. Clothes x 2 set
  10. Phone/camera/charger
  11. Foods (depends on you, but I didn't bring much at that time, enough with just chocolate and nips).
  12. Enough money and your ID card (probably RM200 for emergency)
  13. First aid/supplement
  14. Toiletries (a small towel, soap, toothbrush, face wash)
Extra - I also bring a waist bag, to keep my phone, money, and ID card.

So, basically, I didn't bring too much, so it's enough for me to carry alone. However, they will also help you to carry your bags, but they charged it RM/Kg.

Did I prepare anything like training?

Yes, for me. Of course, I did because I personally think I am not fit enough. So, I took training such as jogging, climbing stairs, squatting and relaxing. 

I do that with my friends, but still, I think it's important for you to do a medical checkup with your doctor before you do a tough event. Just to make sure your health is in good condition.

At the top of Mount Kinabalu 2011

So, how did it started? Well, because we all are from the same village and nearby, so, we do not rent a hotel in Ranau, Kundasang or in that area, so in the early dawn, we get ready, and we gathered at our friend's house. And from there, we took two rented vans, and go straight to the destination. We set off at 5.00am.

I think we arrived too early at that time. So, that means it's a good thing. The person who leads us took care of everything, all of the payment and documents were set on that day. About the fees, I do not remember because it was 9 years ago, but I think around RM150/person. They charge you based on what rate you pick. I think we picked on the Sabahan rate. The fees including the accommodation and the food.

After the registration was settled, we were picked by a van and bring us to the Timpohon gate. The guide was giving us briefing of what you can and can't do. We prayed and started our journey. 

Because this story was 2011, and during that day, it might be a lot of things had changed after the earthquake struck. The trail after the incident is more challenging. I forgot how many stations were there. But, every station they had this water filling, freshening air and toilet. So, you don't have to worry about that.


It took me 6 or 7 hours to get to Laban Rata Resthouse. lol. I was too tired. I think I arrived at 4.00pm or more. Well, at that time, I thought that was the end of it, and we had arrived. So, I ate a lot, so much until I fulled my stomach. Little that I know, that was not the end of the road. Haha. I don't know how to react because I was so full at that time. So, I ask my friend, how many kilometers? and he said it's not that far. So, I trusted him.

I continued my journey.

Only God knows what I had been through that time, Haha. About 15 steps, I don't feel really well, then, I puked. Lol. All the food that I had eaten, came out through my mouth. I thought I was going to fainted that day or even worse, die. I had to go 6 Km to Panar Laban Hut. Yup, it is not that far, but the trail was against gravity, so I felt really heavy. Thank God, I did arrive there safely, but it's getting darker. So, I know that I arrived there for almost 6.00pm. 

There's nothing more I can do there because I was late, and I was walking alone by myself. We had to take a rest because at 1.30 am we must get ready to continue to the low peak of Mount Kinabalu. On the second day, at early dawn, we start our second journey to a low peak. 

Don't forget to bring your head torchlight, because it was darker and a lot challenging at night compare daylight. I felt like the road was too high and I can't reach it. But, wait until you see what's it look like at daylight. You'll be more surprised, haha.

I did not record what time is it, but we manage to conquer the top of Mount Kinabalu. Unfortunately, I was not able to see the surrounding me because I was too tired. In fact that I didn't have the time to see the beautiful things that God had created. I am so disappointed.

That is why I wanted to climb Mount Kinabalu again in any year to redeem back what I have not seen for the past 8 years. I will blog about it, some other day. 

I did conquer the top of Mount Kinabalu but I did not enjoy the beauty of the creation of God. But still, I am proud of myself because I did fight the feelings of giving up, scared of alone and willingness to try the things that I never thought I made it. Some other day, I will be back again to climb this mountain. 

And here are the link of Youtube of me and my team at the top of Mount Kinabalu 2011.


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