Lesson to learn - When problem hits you, keep moving fowards

We are living in a world full of trials and hardships, some survive and some give up. If you look at this world, it is a painful place to stay, but if you change your perspective towards this world, that misery makes you mature. Note that, we are going the same phase of life but a different situation. I always kept in mind that, God will never put us in situations where we can't control them. And if there's a condition we can't make it through by ourselves, a companion appeared. 

However, this is not about a companion, family issues or problem-related to the world. I wanted to share a process that was going on in my life. All of the hardships and trials and eventually still learning to handle it. Therefore, if anyone out there felt like they were going an unstable state throughout their life, all I can say is, you can make it through.

All of my life, I never saw someone with no problem at all. To be honest, every single person I know or some famous artist we have seen on tabloid even those domestic and abroad had their own disputes in life. I think it is normal for us to had a problem in life. Because without it, we do not know how to handle a certain thing or came out with a solution. I like to think that every process that happens in my life is God's ways to make me learn and grow. 

When I was a teenager, I had this insecure feeling about my body and looks and also I had this problem to socialize with others. When I was still in Kindergarten and year 1 until year 3, I was bullied a lot. I think that time, I was so weak, and I let some of the friends bullied me. I also accused to do something that I didn't do. Overall, my school days are not very exciting. There is some part I like but also some parts I didn't like.

From 13 until 17 years old, I had insecurity for my body, for my looks, because I am fat. But, luckily I still manage to finish my study and I also manage to stand firm in front of those who mocked me. I can say that I really care about all the comments that were thrown at me during that time.

Until I was entering college, my life was turning upside down. I get irritated easily, and I felt like everybody hated me for no reason. When my age turns to 20 and up until now, I finally realize that a lot of problems had come to my life. At one time, I used to think that I am useless and there is no reason to live in this world. That depression eats me up until I felt like giving up. 

But let me say this to anyone that reading this right now, our problem will always stay with us. It took us to do some act by not keep it by our self. Learn to share it with others who you trusted with. As for me, I know that I can't handle my issue alone, I had some friends to talk with. I can't promise they can solve the problem but at least, the burden was lighter than before. 

"Behind every beautiful thing, there's some kind of pain" - Bob Dylan

Everything that we are going through look uglier than what people see in front. But we should have faith in all of that came out with sacrifice and commitment that people might not understand, but us who are in the same situation do know what we are facing with. Never giving up is the keyword and keep moving forward because life so much fun when you just enjoy the process, and there are thousands of people going the same phase as you. And to know that, we had the community to support each other. 


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