My psycho ex-boyfriend - short stories 2020

My name is Darcy, and I am 20 years old. I had a story to tell you, 2 years ago, I had a boyfriend, he attends the same college as I am, but I didn't know that things get serious, and this is my story.

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Since I was in a grade school, I never had the experience of falling in love with anyone. I mean, I never like someone and never in my life imagine that someone would appear and say I like you. But, I wish my life was like a movie. But then, my dream was coming true when I was in my 18. At first, yes.

I was so excited when I got an email that my application for entering College was approved. Truthfully, I wanted to be away from my parents, then, I picked a college that is miles away from my hometown. Don't get me wrong though, I don't hate them, I just felt that I need to start taking care on my own. And yes, I did it, I made it to a college.

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Three months had passed. Being in college was fun. At one time, I had to go to a library, and I need to find a linguistic book, well, I was taking a third language and had to do some assignments, so, I had to stay. I didn't notice I had spent hours in there, it was dark outside. When I check my watch, it was 7.45 pm. I was scared to walk alone to my dorm, and I don't want to trouble my roommates. It takes 15 minutes to walk from the library.

After a moment, I decided to walk on my way. Besides it only several minutes. I grab my laptop bag and my umbrella, then I walked. It was dark, I'm a bit scared, but there's also a student who passes by me. So, I guess I am safe for a while. I had to cross the bridge to go to my dorm.

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I stop for a while and took a deep breath, although the lamps enlighten the road, I still get scared. I stand at the end of the bridge for about 2 minutes. Out of nowhere, there's a man voice behind my back, "Miss, are you okay?". As I turned my back looking at the person, there's a man wearing a brown cloth, a long scarf, a snowcap hat, and a shoulder bag. He looks nerdy but cool.

I responded, "I'm okay, sir". He then laughed when I call him "Sir". He walked near me, and ask me if I can accompany me to go back to my dorm. I just met this guy, and suddenly he wants to accompany me? I just stand there and had a sort of things in my head, what if this man rape me? rob me or kill me? Suddenly, the silent moment filled with the man's voice.

"Don't worry, I'm not a bad person, I saw you at the library a while ago. We are in the same class, don't you remember me? I always sit at the front of the class." He said. I'm trying to remember, I can't recall anything. But since he said, we are from the same class, I fell at ease. So, he started to accompany me to walk through the bridge until we arrive at my dorm. We talk for a while, and he asked for my phone number. I mean it's rude to not giving his my phone number as he already accompanying me. So, I gave him my phone number, and he gave him.

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"Thank you for accompanying me, I had so much fun talking to you. Again, what's your name?", he answered, "Julian, you can call me Julian." So, since then, we have been a friend. The next morning, I got a text from him, he said he will be waiting for me at the bridge, what a sweet guy. I think he's cute.

My routine was almost the same every day, he waited for me, we hang out, and even I started to like him even more. Not long after, while we were walking across the bridge, he asked me if we can go beyond that. I don't understand what is he saying. Then, he holds my hand, touches my cheeks and asks me if he can be my boyfriend. My face turns red. I know I just know him for about a week, but I think I like this guy, I was too naive, then I said yes. He hugs me. I know it's a little weird, but I don't care anymore. But still, I kept this secret from my parents, from my friends, so only I know how the situation is. I finally opened my heart to accept a guy in my life. Anyways, I'm 18.

But, the man I thought was good, sweet and romantic isn't what I think of. Regretful.

We started dating for almost four months. Nevertheless, for about three months, I felt tortured. A day by day, he becomes demanding and aggressive. He wanted me to do what's he like, though I know I don't want to do it. I felt stupid anyway because I'm afraid he will leave me. I'm scared I will get hurt. He always checks my phone and must call him every night. I know, I'm stupid and plus, it's my first time. I kept this as a secret from anyone. One night, I was studying for my coming exam, so I texted him that I need to study and I will call him the next morning. He hated it, he keeps calling me. I felt so stressed. I switch off my phone, but I can't study at all. My mind was disturbed.

The next day, my roommate wakes me up, she said someone was waiting outside the door. I was shocked, I hope it was not who I think it was. I run to my window, and guess what, Julian was there. Once he looked at my windows, I quickly closed the curtain. I switched on my phone, for god sake, there are 105 missed calls and hundreds of unread messages. This man is crazy.

What am I going to do, doesn't know what he would do to me when I see him. My face turns pale and I'm sweating too much, my roommate saw me and asked if I'm okay since she didn't know who situation I am in. I need to make a poker face, I don't want her too worried about me. One thing I need to think of how to get out without being noticed. Unfortunately, there's only one door, and there are no other choices, I had to walk through him. My heartfelt itch, my legs too heavy to walk through that door.

When I opened that door, he runs to me and held my shoulder so tight, his face looks tired as he didn't go to sleep the whole night. He screamed at me and scolded me with his loud voice, all the student passes there talked to each other and all eyes on both of us. I'm trying to cover my face. What is wrong with this guy? I'm so stressed out. As things get loud, my roommate coming out from the door and grab my hand, she pushed Julian away and scream at him, "Leave or I will call the police!". Julian glared at me and leave. Sarah, my roommate was scared, I can see her hands shaking. She asked me, "Who was that?" But, I pretend I didn't know Julian. The whole day, I skipped class.

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I wanted to end up this relationship. I've been abused. I know he will get hurt but I had to do it. After he left, he still called me many times, and chat me through my media social, he even comments at my picture and my post on my Facebook wall. This is insane, I blocked him. Sarah was still there with me, she scared Julian will come back. But, I politely asked her to go to her class and told her I can handle this. She did not do what I asked, instead, she go to security and reported on what had happened. She's worried about me.

On the same day, afternoon, I texted him, "We need to talk". Guess what, he already there, he waited for me since last night. I'm scared to see him. So I just texted him, I want a breakup. Not even a minute had passed, he called me, I picked it up and hear what he wanted to say. I heard he laughs. "Is this a prank? Darcy? are you there? don't do this. Where are you? Come here, let me explain..." My hand was sweating, he hasn't finished speaking but yet I turn it off. Then, I heard someone banging at my dorm door, and calling my name "Darcy! Are you there?". I called Sarah. A few minutes, she came with security. After a wild noise at the front of my dorm, I opened the door. There are so many people out there. I'm so embarrassed.

He cried and bow to my knee, asking for a chance. I mean, everyone is there, I saw some of them even recorded this situation. I felt agitated. There's so much drama, even Sarah scolded everyone who took their camera and recorded it. While Sarah was so busy at scolding to everyone, Julian grabbed both of my hands, come close near me, and breathed through my ear and whisper "Darcy, I will never let go of you" I felt chills down my spines, I looked at him and he smiles and then he left. Oh God, I was scared and disgusted.

The next day, people still talk about that. I still haven't told anyone who Julian was, I don't want drama and at the moment I felt stress. I still go to class, but this time, Sarah was with me. After that incident, for about a week. A weird thing happened to me. Sarah said someone left a box for me, when she left the dorm, I opened it. It's a box with a paper covered with blood written "True love, Julian", I throw it away. I don't know who blood was that. Next, I got messages in my media social from unknown, about 100 unread messages. I think that also from Julian because I blocked all of his media social, of course, he made a new account.

I wonder where he goes? He skipped class, in fact, after the incident, he disappeared. This week was crazy. But then, things got even weird, I got an email from an unknown sender. That person gave me a link when I clicked on it, I thought my life would be over. It was a website where the video of me sleeping in my dorm and worst, a video of me changing my clothes. There is also a video of me and Sarah walking together, me at the library. My routine was recorded by some sick stalker.

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On this time, I can't do this alone, I finally told Sarah about what's happening. I was crying at that time, I felt my world had been turning upside down. We report this to the police together with the box Julian sent me. At least, at that time, I felt ease Sarah was with me while my parents a miles away from me. The police investigated cases, and I told them everything. Honestly, I didn't know if that is Julian or not, but my guts say so. So, but whatever the case is, he becomes the first suspect. And I hope he will get arrested. So, after a week, I got a call from the police. Sarah accompanies me to the police station. I hope I heard the good news. And yes, they got the suspect.

It's Julian. 

The police had obtained the IP address of the sender, it turns out it was Julian. But, they can't find him anywhere. He was hiding.

I regret it. I shouldn't accept his help on that day. A man could be seen nice, innocent or good looking, but that doesn't mean he is a good one. It had been a lesson to me to not trust people and accept things bluntly.

To be continued in Part 2.

Disclaimer These posts are a work of fiction based on the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual events, locale, or persons, living or dead, is coincidental. 


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