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My psycho ex-boyfriend part 2 - short stories 2020

"Hey, Darcy? have you heard of anything that happened to him?" - Sarah

"Who? That psycho man? I don't think so. I hope he gets caught by the police." - Darcy

"Yeah, me too, it's been a year, and hasn't heard any news about him? Hope you'll be fine." - Sarah

"Don't worry, I'm safe here (laughing). Can't wait to see you again." - Sarah

"Yeah, me too. See you next week Sarah. Bye." - Darcy

I hung up the phone. It's been a year I haven't heard any news from Julian. Sarah's question had made my anxiety arise. I was sitting in a cafe while listening to music. I spoke to her, Sarah, about our coming back to College. But, I had a trauma event regarding what happened a year ago. It was a crazy freshmen year. 

Two days before I go back to college, I packed up my clothes, and my things. My mother helps me with it. We talked a lot, and she knew what happened to my previous year in college. She is worried about me, and there's one time she wanted me to apply for a new college. But, I refuse. Everyone, including the lecturer and the staff, knows about my stories. I became a famous infamous person. 

A night before my flight to the place where my college located, I got a message on my Instagram from someone that claims to be known. I thought it was a junior from my college because I recognize the face of the person, so I guess it was my junior or the person who was in the same building as me? So I read the message, and she asked for my number, her reason was to getting know to me because she'd taken the course I'd taken before and wanted me to mentor her. I did check her profile though and seems like she exists, so I bluntly gave her my number.
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As I arrived at the airport, I hugged my mom and dad. I hope they not worried too much about me. I will be fine. The flight took two hours to arrived at where I was studying. As soon I came out of the arrival hall, I saw Sarah waiting there and waving at me. I was so happy to see her. It's been a while, and she became prettier. She helped me with my bags, her father was there too, helping me. As we are on our way to our college, I talked to her about someone named Regina, the person who asked for my number that night. 

Unfortunately, she didn't seem familiar with that name. I wonder who that person is?

After a couple of hours, we'd arrived at our college. Sarah takes her bags and I took my bags to go to our dorm. I go first, while Sarah still there talking with her dad. As I enter the door of where things had happened last year, flashback memory had made me feeling down. That is the place where that psycho man attacked me, and scream at me in front of everyone. I tried to erase that memory and live as usual. But, I noticed that, as I walk to get to our dorm, everyone was starring at me, some of them are freshmen, I heard them whisper to each other 

"That's her"

I walked as fast as I can, until to our dorm, and I quickly get in and closed the door. I thought I can handle this, but I was wrong. I can't stand the pressure of people looking at me as I am some kind of weird person. I know that some of them know about the real story, but some had not known anything about what I'd been through. I sit at the chair, looking down on the floor, with my heartbeat so damn fast. I breathe slowly, and everything will be okay. Then, I heard Sarah come to the door, I quickly change my expression so she would not notice it.
Photo by Yuliya Shabliy

The next morning, I got texts from Regina, and she said to meet me up at the library, anytime. I was so curious about who is this person, but I was so busy on the first day of class, so I had no time of seeing anyone at that time. But, as time passes by, I get a text by text, a nonstop message coming from my phone. When I looked at my phone, I was shocked, a 50 unread message from Regina asking me about my whereabouts, what time I had time, what I was doing and so many uncomfortable questions. 

I called the number to explain let us meet another time, but then, I stopped when I heard the voice.

"Darcy? Where are you?"  

I know who the voices are, I remember the voice on the phone. At first, I taught it was Regina. I felt goosebumps all over me. It's a man's voice, it's Julian. I quickly hung up the phone, and I called Sarah. But her phone turns into a voicemail. Luckily I haven't stepped on the library yet. I waited for Sarah in the hall, hopefully, she shows up after a hundred messages I sent. 

But it took longer than I thoughts. She was outside of the college, something urgent came up. I was scared, alone, and don't know what to do. It was 7.00 o'clock in the evening, it's getting darker. I waited at the place where many students gather, so I felt safe for a while. But, after 30 minutes, slowly all the students went back to their dorm, and I was still at the chair, looking at my phone and waiting for Sarah to pick me up.

I made stupid choices of not following the other student to went back to their dorm. What a regret. A moment later, my phone rings, I thought it was Sarah, so I answer the phone. 

"Where are you?!" I asked. 

Then, the person answers "Behind you." 

No way, I said. As I turn my back, I saw a creepy man, wearing a long jacket, long hair, so thin and I saw his eyes. It was him, it's Julian. As he called my name from far with a scary smile, he started to wear a mask and I saw he is holding a shiny thing in his hand. As soon he started to move forward, I took a step back. Another step he moves towards me, I run as fast as I can, get away from him.
Photo by sebastiaan stam

I scream at the top of my lung hoping someone will hear me out. That place was dark, and a hallway in which all the students are not supposed to be there. I was crazy enough to wait for Sarah in there. I was out of breath when I run so fast, I had no stamina and about to pass out. I slow down, and he was almost near me. 

But then, 

I heard a siren not far from where I fell, I guess Sarah had received my message. Not long after that, I hear a voice screaming "drop your weapon!" someone did help me. It was blurring, but I saw a shadow run towards me and hug me. It was Sarah. And a time pass by, I saw too many men walk past by me, and heard struggling people behind me. 

Julian, he was struggling to get away from the police. 

It's the end of his life. He got arrested successfully by the police.

For a year, the police had been searching him, go through his house, his family, and his friends. But guess what, he doesn't have many friends and he was away from his family for a long time. He was once arrested for drug abuse. He was never a student at the College I was in, and his age was older than his looks.

I was deceived by him a year ago because I was too innocent of not knowing how cruel the reality is.

People might believe me or not believe my story. At now, I don't even care what they think about me. I was abuse by my psycho boyfriend a year ago, without knowing his background. It was past and from now on, I should be careful about who I was falling in love with.

Disclaimer - These posts are a work of fiction based on the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual events, locale, or persons, living or dead, is coincidental.

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