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The roommates - short stories 2020

Being away from your parents, and lives in a city is a hard time for a student like me. I just started school and don't have any part-time jobs. So, with a small amount of pocket-money and an amount of money that I got per month, it's still not enough to pay for a rental house or buy my essentials needed.

In 2016, I got an offer to continued my studies far away from my hometown, the great thing was I had student financial aid until my studies are done. The negative thing was I don't have a place to stay. I can't apply for a hostel, because it was full and only available on the second of the semester.

I was happy for a while knowing that I can continue my studies, but to find a home to stay in is so challenging. Especially in the city. So, a month before I officially started my day as a student again, I was checking on the website for an affordable rent apartment or flat, with the hope to find a rental that is nearer to the college. Luckily, I found one. So, I grab it. I kept chatting with the owner, and we made a deal. So, the next week, I started to stay in.

A day passes by, and it's time to move in, I remembered it was in April 2016. It's not that very far from my college, so I guess it's saved me money and affordable

The flat I was staying in had five levels, I am at the ground level, as I enter that flat, I was welcomed by my roommates, Dina and Joly. Our flats have one bathroom, one toilet, one kitchen and pantry, laundry at the back door, and two separate rooms. There was also a small living room, enough with only three of us. One room is for a single bedroom, and another room has a two-bedroom. I choose a room which has two beds.

Photo by Josh Sorenson

The day I'd arrived, they both helping me out with my bags and others. The first roommate, Dina is 2 years younger than me and still studying but at a different college, and she is the one that is in the same room as me. The second roommate, Joly is also a student but she had a part-time job at night. So, we rarely see each other but even so, I usually get to see her at around 10.00 pm or 11.00 pm. She is the same age as me. 

Photo by Craig Adderley

But these stories won't be long, because I didn't stay there for a long time. In around one month, I move out. 

I get to know both of them really well, the girls are very kind and sweet, we talked a lot and spent time well. I really blended well with them. So, practically, three of us getting well from the first time we met. But, the funny thing was I always mistakenly calling their names because both of them look really alike.

In fact that I already stay in the flat, I felt like they were my sisters. However, I didn't spend too much time with Joly she goes home late and sometimes won't even come home. But, I still have Dina with me. So, on the first day, we just talked and getting to know each other but it seems like we've known since forever.

For about two and three days, everything is normal. 

After a week and more staying in, something odd is happening.
Around 3.00 in the morning, I was awake, it was so hot, but the fan was still on. So, I go out to take a sip of water at the kitchen table. Then, I sit there for almost 5 minutes for a while. To be honest, my surrounding looks really creepy because the lamp was on and off and it was early in the morning.

After a while, when I was about to enter my room, I saw Dina, looking at me, while put her hand into her mouth, she's doing 'shh'. But her eyes were closed. I was really shocked and scared for a while. 

"What the heck?"  I thought. 

Suddenly the door from our room moves a little, I was startled and screaming.

She suddenly opened her eyes and looks confused, she looks at me and saying;

"What happened?", then goes back to the room. 

I was puzzled for a while, I followed her and she just goes to sleep like nothing happened.

"What was that?" I said to myself.  

I pretend that it didn't happen and goes to sleep again.

Photo by Kei Scampa

The next morning. 

I wanted to ask Dina about last night, but I don't have the courage. So, I just let it be and goes to college. Usually, I get back around 3.30 pm or 5.00 pm. And when I came back, instead of Dina, Joly was there. She doesn't have class on that day, so, I talk to her about what happened last night. So, she suggested putting on a camera tonight and try to look at what will happen.

During the night, after chatting for a while, Dina and I go to sleep, while Joly puts the camera on top of the TV, then, she goes to sleep. It was an uncomfortable night. I can't sleep, I heard someone is growling at the side of my bed, it's like someone was choked but asking for help. I get up and opened the lamp. Then, my heart started beating so fast, I saw my Dina was opened her mouth, rolling her eyes and crossing her hand, while sleep.

Photo by Canva

I run to Joly's room and wake her up and told her to bring the camera, she videotapes it. We don't know what to do, and the dumbest thing we let her be like that. I didn't go back to my room that night, we both stayed in the living room.

The next day, it was the weekend.

We all stayed at home. Joly and I stayed silent. Dina acts normal in the morning, but the weird thing was she didn't talk to us that morning, not even a good morning, she goes back to her room and sleeps again. It's weird because she usually doesn't act like that. So, this time, I ask Joly to send the video to someone we trust, our Pastor. 

That night, at 3.00 in the morning. 

Joly and I didn't go to sleep.

It gets weird and worst. Dina was awake again, this time she standing at the corner of the wall, I called Joly, I ran with a shaking hand with fear, because Dina starts to speak a word that I didn't understand. Her shoulder was lifted up, and all of her fingers were pointing straight to the ground.

Joly was freaking out more than me. I called our pastor and ask him for help. 

Fortunately, it was near. He arrived within 10 or 15 minutes. 

When Pastor Ricky had arrived with his wife, they immediately go to the room and they prayed. I got goosebumps at what happening at that time. Dina was screaming with different voices, punching the wall, and laughing hysterically. 

For about two hours, when things became calms. Joly and I go to the room to see what happened, we saw Dina crying. It broke our heart to see her like that. She must have a problem that we didn't know or she didn't tell us.

Later on, Pastor Ricky and his wife bring Dina to the hospital because she broke her finger while she unconscious punching the wall. I didn't go to college on Monday, instead, I go to check on Dina at the hospital.

When I arrived, her family was there with her other friends.

Photo by Oles kanebckuu

After several days had passed.

Joly and I go to see Pastor Ricky. He told us about Dina's condition, it turns out that, she's been playing a spirited game, a week after I entered that flat. She was dealing with paranormal things but messed with the wrong thing.

I never thought a happy person would think such a thing. I felt guilty and angry at the same time. 

After that event, a day after that, I left that flat. I feel bad for Dina. But stay at the flat where your roommates were possessed isn't a thing that I'm willing to do. 

So, I stayed alone and living in my brother's house which is far away from my college. 

Dina changed her phone number, she blocked me and Joly. 

After a month, Joly also moves out, so that flat was left empty. 

Joly and I still hanging out together, but we don't know what happened to Dina since she blocked us from her life.

Hopefully, she was fine. 


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