My Quarantine Life - The peanut butter

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Last week, I attempt to make peanut butter. But, it turns to be just a refined product. Hehe. 

But still, here are the process and list of an ingredient I prepared (p/s I didn't use a blender).

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List of Ingredients :

  1. Peanut
  2. Olive oil
  3. Salt

How to make simple peanut butter without using a blender?

P/S: Don't follow me
  1. Prepare the peanut (wash and leave in water for 1 hour).

  2. Heat the pan and fry the peanut (without oil) until brownish. 

3. Leave the peanut until it cools down. Then, by using mortar and pestle, crush the peanut to the refined products.



4. The peanut will look like this after crushing it using the mortar and pestle.

5. After that, I add some olive oil and some salt (p/s - add margarine for a sticky result), but I didn't add it, not enough ingredient haha.

6. The result, my not exactly peanut butter. Haha

This week has been hard for me. I am not that person that shared a personal life with anybody. However, during this quarantine time, things had happened. Thank you for the prayers and the supports while we in despair, there's a joy. Enjoy that little moment while you still can with your loved one.

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