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See, Write, and Post-it. Our eyes see and record every memory that goes on in life.

Everyone can be happy, but a little difference in life experiences can change the way people see the perspective of happiness. Life can be so challenging and sad sometimes, losing people, lose a job, lose everything could bring life to unhappiness. Nevertheless, it's all in your hand, choose to be happy or not. These are the few simple rules for a happy life.

7 simple rules for a happy life

1)    Make peace with your past

We all had past memories. Whether it is something that good to remember or not, we still had our past. Bad memory sometimes leads to regret, hatefulness, and blaming ourselves. We wish that lot of our past could be changed. Any past memories that can destroy who you are right now, we wish that to change. But, logically, it's impossible. Let go of your past and focus on the present.

2)    Don't compare yourself with others

You should never compare yourself with others. Comparison steals your happiness. Everyone had their own timeline, no one is too late and no one is too early, don't live based on what you compare with. 

3)    Smile often

One of the easiest things to be happy is to smile often. Even you had a lot of things going on in your head, smile. Don't stress out your life because of a problem, take a time to rest, and smile. 

4)    Don't live based on other standards

For some cases, yes, live based on standard especially in work attitude and school. You had to follow their standard to pass at a certain level. But, in your daily life, your living day, and how you socialize with others, don't live based on other standards. Don't try to make everyone happy. Don't stress yourself because you had to be live like what other people want you to be. Make your own choice, a wise choice.

5)    What others think of you is none of your business

We live with different background of people, different language, and whatever their races is. We all had a story to tell, to share, and to talk with. And sometimes, when we are too often seeing people, socialize more, we often think about what people would say if I don't do this, or that, or whatever the circumstances is. Or in simple terms, we worried about what others think of us. They can think whatever they want about your life, but don't let that destroy who you are, it's their business and again, focus on yourself.

6)    Time will heal

To heal a wound take time. Rules to be happy is giving yourself to heals, give it time, and don't rush. While you living in despair because of the wound, let the time flow and heal every second of your hatred, sadness, and question. It's a slow process but surely will heal you.

7)    Don't expect to have all the answer

It's okay to not know all of the answers. Throughout life, you learned sometime new. If you can't find the answer, don't force yourself to get one. Don't be hard on yourself, sometime it was to be meant to not know every answer, stop being overthinking, it's okay to be less serious and enjoy every moment.


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